What’s a antonym for immovable?

Near Antonyms for immovable. portable, removable. (also removeable), transferable.

What is the synonym of immovable?

immobile, immutable, impassive, inflexible, motionless, stationary, steadfast, uncompromising, unshakable, unyielding, adamant, constant, fast, firm, set, solid, stable, dug in, hard-nosed, immotile.

What is the antonym for?

Definition of antonym

: a word of opposite meaning The usual antonym of good is bad.

What type of word is immovable?

immovable used as an adjective:

Incapable of being moved; firmly fixed; fast; — used of material things; as, an immovable foundation. Steadfast; fixed; unalterable; unchangeable; — used of the mind or will; as, an immovable purpose, or a man who remain immovable.

Is it unmovable or immovable?

An immovable object is fixed and cannot be moved.

What are immovable things give examples?

In general, the distinction rests on ordinary conceptions of physical mobility: immovables would be such things as land or buildings, which are thought to be stationary in space; movables would be such things as cattle or personal belongings, which can either move themselves or be moved in space.

What is the meaning of uncompromised?

: not making or accepting a compromise : making no concessions : inflexible, unyielding.

What is the meaning of immovable property?

Simply put, an asset which cannot be moved from one place to another is referred to as immovable property. An immovable property has rights of ownership attached to it. A TDS on immovable property is also applicable at the prevailing rates.

What is a synonym for Unstoppable?

boisterous, buoyant, ebullient, rebellious, determined, dogged, ferocious, fierce, harsh, implacable, inexorable, rigorous, ruthless, single-minded, uncompromising, unforgiving, unrelenting, unyielding, incessant, nonstop.

Is Uncompromisable a word?

Adjective. Not compromisable; that cannot be compromised; non-negotiable.

What is a badass?

(vulgar); (slang) A badass is someone who is very tough or mean. Don’t mess with him, he’s a real badass! (slang) A person who has extreme attitudes and behavior and is admired by others. In this sense, calling someone a badass is a compliment.

Is uncompromising a adjective?

UNCOMPROMISING (adjective) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

What does it mean to be in a compromising position?

: having sexual relations. used euphemistically. He and his lover were caught in a compromising position.

What is the word for non negotiable?

Synonyms & Near Synonyms for nonnegotiable. nonadjustable, noncancelable, unchangeable.

How do you compromise a relationship?

7 Effective Ways To Compromise With Your Partner, According To Experts
  1. Spending Time Together Vs. Apart. …
  2. Figuring Out Family Plans. …
  3. Striking A Balance In Your Sex Life. …
  4. Showing Love Based On Your Love Languages. …
  5. Making Travel Plans That Feel Fair. …
  6. Learning Each Other’s Arguing Style. …
  7. Talking About Money.

What is the antonym of compromise?

What is the opposite of compromise?