What is the synonym of wanton?

See definition of wanton on Dictionary.com. adj.extravagant, lustful. adj.cruel, malicious. adj.

What is the opposite of wantonly?

Antonyms & Near Antonyms for wantonly. calmly, collectedly, composedly, coolly.

What is the meaning of wantonness?

of lacking restraint or control
wantonness Add to list Share. Definitions of wantonness. the trait of lacking restraint or control; reckless freedom from inhibition or worry. synonyms: abandon, abandonment, unconstraint.

What is an example of wanton?

The definition of wanton is undisciplined, reckless or malicious. An example of wanton is a child who throws rocks through the neighbors’ windows even though he is told to stop. An example of wanton is someone who knows they are very drunk and drives home anyway.

How do you use wanton in a sentence?

How to use Wanton in a sentence. He loved the way she could be wanton and sensual one minute, then bashful and demure the next. His one act of wanton devastation, the clearing of the New Forest, has been grossly exaggerated. He had been more set on exacting tribute than on perpetrating wanton massacres.

What is the meaning of heedlessly?

: not careful or attentive : careless She ran out, heedless of the danger. Other Words from heedless. heedlessly adverb.

What is the synonym and antonym of zest?

See definition of zest on Dictionary.com. nountaste, flavor; pep, joie de vivre.

What is the synonym of minion?

Synonyms. follower. the ringleader and his two thuggish followers. henchman or woman or person. the Sheriff’s henchman, Sir Guy of Gisborne.

What is the synonyms of careless?

casual, forgetful, hasty, inaccurate, indifferent, indiscreet, irresponsible, lackadaisical, lax, negligent, nonchalant, reckless, sloppy, thoughtless, wasteful, naive, absent-minded, abstracted, cursory, disregardful.

What do you call something that happens rarely?

rarity. noun. something that does not happen often.

What is another term for sycophant?

Some common synonyms of sycophant are leech, parasite, sponge, and toady. While all these words mean “a usually obsequious flatterer or self-seeker,” sycophant adds to this a strong suggestion of fawning, flattery, or adulation.

What is a minion in the Bible?

1 : a servile dependent, follower, or underling He’s one of the boss’s minions. 2 : one highly favored : idol his great charity to the poor renders him the minion of the people— Jonas Hanway.

Did me a good turn idiom meaning?

to do something helpful for someone.

What is a obsequious person?

Definition of obsequious

: marked by or exhibiting a fawning attentiveness.

What does obsequious mean in the dictionary?

adjective. characterized by or showing servile obedience and excessive eagerness to please; fawning; ingratiating: an obsequious bow;obsequious servants.

What is a narcissistic sycophant?

The Narcissist

Sycophants tend to be conformists and are attracted to those with perceived power and authority. This need for conformity often reflects a lack of self-confidence and self-belief.

What is sycophantic behavior?

(of a person or of behavior) praising people in authority in a way that is not sincere, usually in order to get some advantage from them: There was sycophantic laughter from the audience at every one of his terrible jokes. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases. Praising insincerely or too eagerly.

What is a dilettante person?

: a person having a superficial interest in an art or a branch of knowledge : dabbler.

What is the meaning of superciliously?

proud, arrogant, haughty, lordly, insolent, overbearing, supercilious, disdainful mean showing scorn for inferiors.

What does it mean to be obtuse?

Definition of obtuse

2a : lacking sharpness or quickness of sensibility or intellect : insensitive, stupid He is too obtuse to take a hint. b : difficult to comprehend : not clear or precise in thought or expression It is also, unfortunately, ill-written, and at times obtuse and often trivial.—

Who is a famous sycophant?

Charles Dickens’ David Copperfield provides one of literature’s most repulsive sycophants, the reptilian Uriah Heep. Dickens ensures readers will revile Heep by emphasizing his physical creepiness — he is cadaverous and lanky, with clammy hands and “sleepless eyes.” David feels slimed every time he encounters him.