What is the synonym of watery?

ropy. (also ropey), syrupy, viscid, viscous.

What are antonyms for wet?

antonyms for wet
  • arid.
  • clear.
  • dry.
  • dehydrated.

What type of word is watery?

wet, soggy or soaked with water. diluted or having too much water.

What does watery text mean?

The watery content of text shows how it is full of irrelevant words, such as prepositions, conjunctions, frequently used momentum and others do not carry any meaning of the word.

What is the synonym of thirst?

nounstrong desire for success. appetite. ardor. aspiration. avidity.

What is the synonym of waves?

Some common synonyms of wave are brandish, flourish, swing, and thrash. While all these words mean “to wield or cause to move to and fro or up and down,” wave usually implies smooth or continuous motion. waving the flag.

What is a synonym for chisel?

See also synonyms for: chiseled. carve. sculpt. hew. incise.

What is the antonym of swim?

Opposite of to move along on the surface of a liquid or in the air. settle. sink. sit.

What’s a small wave called?

Ripples: The ruffling of the water’s surface due to pressure variations of the wind on the water. This creates stress on the water and results in tiny short wavelength waves called ripples. Ripples are often called capillary waves.

What is the opposite of wave?

Antonyms. summerize rise ascend unsettled unready.

What’s a big wave called?

A surge, or tidal surge, is a large sea wave or a sudden, strong, wavelike volume of water.

What are white waves called?

“Foam” is the simplest word to use, “Ocean foam” or “Sea foam” if the context doesn’t allow the word “sea” to be dropped. Two boys were playing in the foam on the beach. The wind picked up in the afternoon, and the sea became covered in white horses.