What is a antonym for wedged?

ˈwɛdʒ) Put, fix, force, or implant. Antonyms. dislodge unfasten undercharge decompression unclasp gain distributed.

What is the synonym of wedged?

firmly positioned in place and difficult to dislodge.

What is the synonym and antonym of chisel?

ˈtʃɪzəl) An edge tool with a flat steel blade with a cutting edge. Antonyms. undeceive straight line unhook unfasten repel square shooter enable. wood chisel cold chisel burin ripping chisel edge tool.

What is a antonym for broach?

ˈbroʊtʃ) Bring up a topic for discussion. Antonyms. disorganise refrain take stay in place exclude uninitiate unmask.

What wedges mean?

1 : a piece of a substance (such as wood or iron) that tapers to a thin edge and is used for splitting wood and rocks, raising heavy bodies, or for tightening by being driven into something. 2a : something (such as a policy) causing a breach or separation. b : something used to initiate an action or development.

What part of speech is wedged?

verb (used without object), wedged, wedg·ing.

What is the synonym of broach?

Some common synonyms of broach are air, express, utter, vent, and voice. While all these words mean “to make known what one thinks or feels,” broach adds the implication of disclosing for the first time something long thought over or reserved for a suitable occasion. broached the subject of a divorce.

What is the antonyms of buttress?

ˈbʌtrəs) Make stronger or defensible. Antonyms. weaken invalidate disprove disapprove.

Which is the closest antonym for the word frivolous?

antonyms for frivolous
  • intelligent.
  • wise.
  • grave.
  • mature.
  • serious.
  • solemn.
  • thoughtful.

What is the synonym of Nestled?

cuddled, nuzzled, snoozled. [chiefly dialect], snuggled.

What is the synonym of perpetuity?

Synonyms & Antonyms of perpetuity

endless time.

What’s another word for pulled up?

What is another word for pulled up?
pulledheld up
hoicked uphauled
rooted outdragged up
stood uplevitated

What does into perpetuity mean?

Definition of in perpetuity

: for all time : forever The land will be passed on from generation to generation in perpetuity.

How do you use perpetuity?

How to use Perpetuity in a sentence. The land revenue was fixed in perpetuity with the zemindar in 17 93. Such land was let either on five-year leases or in perpetuity to colon. Iu 1791 the subsidy was changed to $6000, in perpetuity; for some years later this was raised to $10,000, and is still annually paid.

What is the meaning of Perpetude?

1 : eternity sense 2. 2 : the quality or state of being perpetual bequeathed to them in perpetuity. 3a : the condition of an estate limited so that it will not take effect or vest within the period fixed by law.

What is the noun for perpetual?

perpetuity. / (ˌpɜːpɪˈtjuːɪtɪ) / noun plural -ties. eternity. the state or quality of being perpetual.

What is the difference between royalty and perpetuity?

Perpetuity vs.

Royalties are your claim to a share of a particular entity’s sales, such as a book or music album. If you get 15% royalty for a book, it means you’re entitled to 15% of its total sales volume. Royalties usually have an expiration date. However, a perpetuity is a dividend payment that’s due infinitely.