What is synonym and antonym of whatever?

In this page you can discover 14 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for whatever, like: whatsoever, as-long-as, no-matter-what, whenever, whether, wherever, something-else, what, whoever, if and no-good.

What are other words for whatever?

  • Synonyms for whatever. anyhow, anyway, anyways. [chiefly dialect], regardless.
  • Words Related to whatever. after all, however, nevertheless. always.
  • Phrases Synonymous with whatever. at all events, at any rate, in any case, in any event, no matter, whether or no. (or whether or not)

What are the antonyms of antonyms?

What is the correct opposite of?

Antonym of Correct
CorrectIncorrect, Wrong
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Is it rude to say whatever?

The term is used either to dismiss a previous statement and express indifference or in affirmation of a previous statement as “whatever will be will be”. An interjection of “whatever” can be considered offensive and impolite or it can be considered affirming.

What kind of word is whatsoever?

Whatever. In any way; at all. “He gave me no answer whatsoever.”

What word can I use instead of so?

  • accordingly,
  • consequently,
  • ergo,
  • hence,
  • therefore,
  • thereupon,
  • thus,
  • wherefore.

What is the difference between whatever and what ever?

If you are trying to say that it’s not important what something is or that it makes no difference what (it is) then you should use ‘whatever’. The phrase “what ever” is used to express a question about a period of time.

How do you say it’s up to you?

you could say something like: The decision is yours (to make). Whatever you decide will be the right decision. The decision is yours (to make).

Are any and all synonyms?

What is another word for any and all?
any and everyeach and every
each respectiveeach particular
without exceptioneach individual
each separateall
each singlee’ry

Why is whatever one word?

Here, whatever is a relative pronoun and it is always written as one word. The only instance where one will find what ever is in the interrogative. For example: What ever does he want?

What is the short form of whatever?

WTV is short for whatever, and it is used in texting and chat to imply not caring, being bored, or just being uninspired. Related words: wtvtf. wtv pc.

What does whatever u say mean?

whatever you ˈsay. (spoken) used to agree to somebody’s suggestion because you do not want to argue: ‘Just do it now! ‘ ‘Whatever you say.

When did people start saying whatever?

As an interrogative expletive at the end of sentences from 1891; common in affected British speech. Or what as an alternative end to a question is first attested 1766.

Can Whatever be used as an adjective?

As detailed above, ‘whatever’ can be an adjective, an interjection, a pronoun or a determiner. Interjection usage: Parent: For the last time, clean up your room! Interjection usage: Child: Whatever. Pronoun usage: I’ll do whatever I can.

What is the meaning of whatever you want?

Whatever you want!: (Of course!) You can have anything you like!

What does it mean when a girl says do whatever you want?

“Do whatever you want.”

It can mean one of two things: It is a test of your loyalty to her and your relationship. She no longer cares about it — which, for a woman who has feelings for you, isn’t typically a good thing.