How do you shorten the length of false eyelashes?

Can I cut my fake lashes shorter?

To trim the false lashes, cut from the outside edge. Be conservative with your cuts and just cut little by little because you don’t want to over-trim the lashes. As you trim, be sure to test the fit of the lashes by laying them across the tops of your existing lashes.

Can I cut my false eyelashes in half?

5. Cut falsies in half if you want a more natural look. Cutting lashes in half and applying then on the outer corner of your eyes will give a natural cat eye look. This also makes for easier application.

What side do you trim false lashes?

outside edge
As we mentioned earlier, always cut from the outside edge only. The inner edges will always remain the same. They’re designed with smaller hairs and a different form usually, which is what helps them blend better with your natural lash line.

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