Is it OK to say Happy Memorial Day?

So, can you say “Happy Memorial Day?” Yes, of course, you can… especially if it comes from a place of grateful joy for the life we live today that was provided by the sacrifices of generations before. On Memorial Day, take time to reflect on the men and women who gave it all for us.

How do you show respect on Memorial Day?

Consider one of these ways to pay your respects on Memorial Day:
  1. Attend a Memorial Day event. …
  2. Place a flag for a hero. …
  3. Volunteer with a local veterans organization. …
  4. Send a card or care package to soldiers. …
  5. Share a personal reflection.

Do you say thank you for your service on Memorial Day?

Don’t Say ‘Thank You For Your Service’ This Monday Memorial Day is specifically to honor those who died in military service. One vet says he’d prefer people say, “I hope you’re having a meaningful day.” The holiday’s history dates to the Civil War.

Is it wrong to thank a veteran on Memorial Day?

You do not have to wait for a national holiday to show your gratitude to Service members. Any day is a good day to support Veterans either through a charity or giving a heartfelt “thank you” to those who served.

What to say when you are thanked for your service?

I always say, “Thank you for your support.” If you really believe it, you can say “it was an honor to have served” “you’re welcome:” or “I met some great people in the service”.

Typical responses to thank you so much could include:
  1. “You’re very welcome”
  2. “It was my pleasure”
  3. “I was happy to help”

What do you say to veterans?

What to Write on a ‘Thank You, Veterans’ Sign or Banner
  • “Thank you for serving!” This is simple and short, but to the point and will communicate your gratitude.
  • “Veterans are my heroes!” …
  • “Land of the free, home of the BRAVE!” …
  • “God Bless Our Vets!” …
  • “Our Vets are the Best!”

What to say instead of thank you for your service?

Here are a few ways to consider doing so.
  • ‘You’re my hero. ‘ …
  • ‘I have my freedoms because of you. ‘ …
  • ‘Your service made it possible for all of us to be the country we are today. ‘ …
  • ‘Thinking of you today. …
  • ‘We miss you at home, but we know you’re giving the ultimate sacrifice.

Is it OK to say Happy Veterans Day?

“Just be normal and ask them about their greatest accomplishments, both personal and professional, if they choose to share.” Akilah McNair, a U.S. Army veteran, told USA TODAY that Veterans Day is not the time to say you don’t support the military.

How do you respond to thank you for your hard work?

Typical responses to thanks or thank you could include:
  1. “You’re welcome”
  2. “No problem”
  3. “Not at all”
  4. “Don’t mention it”
  5. “It’s no trouble”
  6. “Sure”
  7. “Think nothing of it”
  8. “Anytime”

Can you say of course to thank you?

You are being extremely gracious and kind. Of course! When you respond with “of course,” you are saying that the help that you gave was to be expected. People say “my pleasure” when they want you to know that it made them feel good to help you…

What do you text a veteran on Veterans Day?

Thank you to the veterans and families for your service to our country. Thank you for protecting our freedom by serving our country. May God bless you and your family. I offer heartfelt appreciation to all of our veterans for your service to our country!

What is a good quote for Veterans Day?

America without her soldiers would be like God without his angels.” “There is nothing nobler than risking your life for your country.” “I have long believed that sacrifice is the pinnacle of patriotism.” “This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave.”

What is the Veterans Day motto?

Today, we celebrate America’s veterans for keeping this Nation “the land of the free and the home of the brave.”

How do you say thank you in military?

1. Actually Say “Thank You” The easiest way to express gratitude to a service member is to simply say the words “thank you for your service.” However, while thanking them, you can make your words far more impactful by explaining what your connection is to the military – are you a veteran?

Who should you thank on Veterans Day?

The VA describes Veterans Day as a “day set aside to thank and honor all those who served honorably in the military — in wartime or peacetime.”