What are the 3 Uses of apostrophe?

Apostrophes have three main uses: 1. To indicate possession 2. To indicate an omission of letters or numbers 3. To separate the s from plural letters/numbers and abbreviations followed by periods.

Is it Chris’s or Chris ‘?

There are several different style guides for writing the English language. When you follow the rules of The Associated Press Stylebook, Chris’ is proper. With all other style guides, Chris’s is correct.

How do you tell if a sentence needs an apostrophe?

Any time you have “it’s” or “its” in your writing, double-check the sentence. If you can say “it is” in its place, then you do need the apostrophe. Don’t use an apostrophe unless you mean “it is.”

What is correct James or James’s?

James’ birthday, or James’s. The proper convention is to include the possessive apostrophe even when the word ends in an “s.” So “James’s” is correct. The only exception to that are proper nouns so well established that traditionally they have always been used with just an apostrophe.

How do you remember the apostrophe rule?

Apostrophes are never used to indicate plurals, so you would write ‘two skirts’, not ‘two skirt’s’, and ‘all my books’ not ‘all my book’s’. Admittedly the first rule causes more confusion than the second. If you can remember one rule about apostrophes, remember: ‘Possession not plural’.

Where do you put the apostrophe?

An apostrophe is a small punctuation mark ( ‘ ) placed after a noun to show that the noun owns something. The apostrophe will always be placed either before or after an s at the end of the noun owner. Always the noun owner will be followed (usually immediately) by the thing it owns.

How do you do an apostrophe on a laptop?

Hold “Alt” on a PC keyboard and type “0146” with the number pad to create a smart apostrophe. You need to activate “Num Lock” to create this apostrophe.

Whats the difference between dog’s and dogs?

Ownership. A major use of apostrophes is to indicate possession, or ownership. For example, the bone of the dog is the dog’s bone. If we leave out the apostrophe in dog’s bone, we have dogs, indicating the plural—that is, many dogs—which will cause momentary confusion for the reader.

Should dogs have an apostrophe?

Since adding an “s” without an apostrophe is the most common way of making a plural noun (dogs), it is both important to mark the difference between the plural (dogs) and the possessive (dog’s) in written text.

What are the five steps for using the apostrophe correctly?

  1. Five Steps in Using the Apostrophe Correctly.
  2. Look for possessive construction. Usually two nouns appear together. The first.
  3. Reverse the nouns using a prepositional phrase. Examine the ownership word.
  4. It the ownership word does NOT end in an “s” sound, add an apostrophe and.

Does DVDs have an apostrophe?

The apostrophe continues to be preferable when presented in an environment of all-capital letters (as in some store signs): CD’S, DVD’S.

Does captains have an apostrophe?

It should be each team’s captain, because each implies you’re talking about each of several teams individually, so you can use team’s as the singular possessive. Aren’t “Captains of each team/ captains of all the teams…” better…?

Is it friend’s or friends?

“Friends” is the plural for “friend”. “Friend’s” is the possessive form of “friend”. Friends’ is the possessive form of “friends”. Friends, friend’s and friends’ are all pronounced the same way.

How do you make a CD plural?

The acronym for Compact Disc is CD; the plural of Compact Disc is… Compact Discs. Therefore, the plural of the acronym is CDs.

Is it 1990s or 1990’s?

Generally speaking, 1990s and 1990’s mean the same thing. 1990s uses a more modern style of punctuation (or rather, a lack of). 1990’s is a more formal or traditional use of the apostrophe.

How do you make a DVD plural?

The plural form of DVD is DVDs.

What is the plural of VHS?

The plural form of VHS is VHSes.

Is an apostrophe punctuation or grammar?

An apostrophe is a punctuation mark (‘) that appears as part of a word to show possession, to make a plural number or to indicate the omission of one or more letters. Three Uses of Apostrophes: In most cases an apostrophe is used to show possession.

Should CDs be capitalized?

Initialisms and acronyms are always capitalized, but the words they stand for are not necessarily capitalized. A CD is a compact disc, not a “Compact Disc.”

Is VHS a noun?

VHS (noun) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

How do you make gas possessive?

To make them possessive, use the same formula you use for singular words: add an apostrophe plus S: The children’s books, the gentlemen’s meeting. Yet another complication: Some singular words end with S: boss, kiss, gas. To make these plural, you usually add not just S but ES: bosses, kisses, gases.