What is werewolf behavior?

When in human form, werewolves look and act like any normal human being, although they usually appear to be ill around nights when there is a full moon. When in wolf form, the werewolf does keep the mind of human but will only attack those who anger it or take a member of its pack.

How do you identify a werewolf in human form?

One method of identifying a werewolf in its human form was to cut the flesh of the accused, under the pretense that fur would be seen within the wound. A Russian superstition recalls a werewolf can be recognized by bristles under the tongue.

What do werewolf symbolize?

Often associated with untamed energies, trickery or deceit, and the underbelly of primal human instincts, the werewolf can be interpreted as the struggle between (and the integration of) both “good” and “evil” within a human being – the inescapable and uncontrollable nature of our raw emotional urges, whether sexual, …

What are a werewolves weaknesses?

Silver – A werewolf’s main weakness is their vulnerability to silver or any object containing silver, as they can be killed or harmed with a variety of silver objects like silver stakes, knives, bullets, axes, letter openers, handcuffs, spoons, forks, etc, even the mere contact with silver will hurt them.

Are werewolves intelligent?

Human Intelligence – Werewolves are as smart as humans in either form, though they still act like regular animals in werewolf form when they are being aggressive.

How many fingers does a werewolf have?

The North American Werewolf has the physical appearance of an upright wolf, which walks and runs on its hind legs.,The hands and feet are changed from a human’s five fingers and toes to four, with the small finger and toe conjoining.

What is the difference between a werewolf and a lycanthrope?

Both Lycans and Werewolves are mythical creatures concerned with the transformation of humans into wolves. But in case of Lycans, the transformation occurs at the will of the concerned person. While in case of Werewolves, the transformation takes place involuntarily. A Lycan can transform itself at any place or time.

What age do you become a werewolf?

Those who were born as werewolves or were bit very young don’t reach full “wolf maturity” until they reach puberty, which is somewhere between the age of 11 and 14. When they reach that point, their body starts to change rapidly, their urges to transform start to show more and more, almost uncontrollably.

What is the werewolf curse?

The curse decreed that the werewolves would only be able to turn into a werewolf on a full moon, and that the vampires would be weakened by the sun, which made the werewolves “servants of the moon” and the vampires “slaves to the sun.” Since the curse was fabricated by Niklaus, it could be assumed that werewolves have …

Are there different types of werewolves?

They have two forms: that of a human and that of a human/wolf hybrid. The method of changing is different from other shapeshifters as they cannot, for the most part, control when they transform.

What is a group of werewolves called?

A Pack is a name used to describe a group of werewolves, or hybrids, or both. Major werewolf clans usually consists of a group of werewolves coming from a single bloodline that may include ruling or royal families. As shown on several occasions, packs seem to always have both a leader and followers.

Who is stronger lycan or werewolf?

Werewolves and lycans have almost the same physical strength. Unlike the werewolf, lycans are said to be smarter. When compared to a werewolf, a lycan is a bit more muscular. While a lycan is said to be religious, a werewolf represents witchcraft.

What type of werewolf is the strongest?

The Primordials are the most powerful werewolves in existence and no werewolf can match their power, they possess some abilities that normal werewolves don’t. Their abilities are at their peak during a full moon. Heightened Senses – Primordials have extremely enhanced, keen senses of hearing, sight, smell, and taste.

What is more powerful than an Alpha?

Alphas rank at the top of the socio-sexual hierarchy followed closely by beta. Whereas omegas rank at the bottom of the hierarchy. The key difference between alpha, beta, omega is that while alpha males are the leaders and don’t lack confidence, beta males are the quiet, loyal followers.

Do female werewolves go into heat?

Awakening generally happens around age sixteen or seventeen. First heat generally happens within a year after awakening, and females typically have about four heats per year.

How is a werewolf created?

Early Werewolf Legends

According to the legend, Lycaon, the son of Pelasgus, angered the god Zeus when he served him a meal made from the remains of a sacrificed boy. As punishment, the enraged Zeus turned Lycaon and his sons into wolves.

What is a Luna wolf?

A luna wolf is another term for the alpha female in the pack, which is the counterpart of the alpha male and is the main female. She’s responsible for bearing pups to the alpha male, and supports him and the rest of the pack in times of need.

What does it mean when a werewolf has blue eyes?

innocent life
It makes no difference if you’re a True Alpha or not, as the color is the same. Then, finally, we have werewolves with blue eyes. These are the werewolves who have taken an “innocent life,” and it is here that fans have asked, “What constitutes an innocent life?”

How long can a werewolf live?

The Average Werewolf lives around 1700 years, to 2100 years. The Oldest recorded Werewolf was 2327 years old.

Can werewolves hurt each other?

So, rules as written, Werewolves can’t hurt each other with their claws, bites, or weapons. And given that magic items are supposed to be rare enough as it is in the world of D&D, it means that fighting a rival werewolf is, for the most part, fruitless.