What are the main characteristics of Art Deco?

What are the main characteristics of the Art Deco style? The characteristic features of Art Deco reflect admiration for the modernity of the machine and for the inherent design qualities of machine-made objects—e.g., relative simplicity, planarity, symmetry, and unvaried repetition of elements.

What defines the Art Deco style?

Summary of Art Deco

Art Deco works are symmetrical, geometric, streamlined, often simple, and pleasing to the eye. This style is in contrast to avant-garde art of the period, which challenged everyday viewers to find meaning and beauty in what were often unapologetically anti-traditional images and forms.

What is distinctive and Recognisable about Art Deco?

Bold geometric forms, sleek and elongated figures, classical influences, modern materials, and high-quality craftsmanship are all hallmarks of the Art Deco style.