What are some of Hector’s heroic characteristics?

Some of Hector epic hero characteristics are ethically and morally noble, performs courageous deeds, and faces enormous obstacles. The first characteristic he is ethically and morally noble. Hector is strong and brave to fight for his people.

What character qualities do Hector and Achilles share?

Just like Achilles, Hector is known for his bravery and strength in defending the honor of the city of Troy. He was known as the greatest warrior of Troy who dealt heavy defeats to the Greeks repelling their advancements.

Why was Hector a hero?

Hector – a character from The Iliad – is a subset of a historical hero, an epic hero because of his compassion, devotion to others, courage, humbleness, and the adoration of him by people lower than him and his peers.

What kind of leader is Hector?

A Trojan hero and warrior, he fought bravely against the Greeks in the Trojan War. In the Iliad , Homer’s epic poem about the war, Hector is portrayed as a noble and honorable leader.

Was Hector a good person?

We learn that both Achilles and Hector are good men. They are driven by courage and nobility; they want only to defend and avenge their loved ones. Each of them is their respective side’s best warrior. It’s no wonder that Homer wrote so much about them.

What was Hector’s weakness?

In a telling metaphor, Hector betrays his weakness (and his strength) by removing his helmet to comfort his son. This is Hector’s weakness because it is this same compassion and willingness to lay down his armor that ends up betraying him and getting him killed.

Why Hector is a good leader?

Hector, however, leads the Trojans with bravery and ferocity. When comparing the two commanders, Hector proves to be the superior compared to Agamemnon because of his bravery in combat, motivational skills, and honor.

Is Hector the best hero?

How Is Hector A Hero In The Iliad. Indeed, Hector is the ideal hero, even compared to Achilles or the Gods. He is a man of compassion, bravery, and virtue. As prince, he fully grasps his social responsibilities under the rigid rules of the heroic code.

Why is Hector more honorable than Achilles?

Hector chooses to die for his honor and reputation while Achilles choose to fight for Patroclus. Achilles seems like he is a individualist and selfish because he only cares about his own personal life and feeling towards the war and Hector seems more heroic to the public in Iliad.

What are Achilles character traits?

The warrior Achilles is one of the great heroes of Greek mythology. According to legend, Achilles was extraordinarily strong, courageous and loyal, but he had one vulnerability–his “Achilles heel.” Homer’s epic poem The Iliad tells the story of his adventures during the last year of the Trojan War.

Which character is more honorable Achilles or Hector?

Most Honorable Character: Hector or Achilles? Honor: honesty, fairness, or integrity in one ‘s beliefs and actions; this is the definition by which these two characters, Hector and Achilles, ought to be judged. By taking this definition to heart, Achilles is far from honorable.

Which has the greater integrity between Hector and Achilles?

The final duel between Achilles and Hector becomes not only a duel of heroes but also of heroic values. While Achilles proves superior to Hector in terms of strength and endurance, he emerges as inferior in terms of integrity.

Why is Hector a better hero than Achilles?

Being a hero is a combination of morals, bravery, and strength. In the Iliad, Hector is braver and more righteous than Achilles, who is stronger and a better fighter. Hector is hero because he is fighting for his people, while Achilles is only fighting for personal gain.

What does Hector represent?

He was the husband of Andromache and the chief warrior of the Trojan army. In Homer’s Iliad he is represented as an ideal warrior and the mainstay of Troy. Hector’s character is drawn in most favourable colours as a good son, a loving husband and father, and a trusty friend.

Why is Hector the greatest warrior?

Hector is the mightiest warrior in the Trojan army. Although he meets his match in Achilles, he wreaks havoc on the Achaean army during Achilles’ period of absence. He leads the assault that finally penetrates the Achaean ramparts, he is the first and only Trojan to set fire to an Achaean ship, and he kills Patroclus.