What kind of plant is a desert rose?

The desert rose (Adenium obesum) is a slow-growing plant, only growing about 12 inches per year.

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Common nameDesert rose, Sabi star, mock azalea, impala lily
Plant typeSucculent
16 Aug 2022

What family is the desert rose?

Adenium obesum
Adenium obesum (Desert rose)
Species:A. obesum
Binomial name

What is the scientific name of a desert rose?

Adenium obesum, commonly called desert rose, is a thick-stemmed sparsely-leaved perennial succulent that is native to semi- arid, sub-Saharan regions of eastern and southwestern Africa plus the Arabian peninsula.

Is desert rose an annual or perennial?

Desert Rose
Botanical Name – Adenium obesum Hardiness Zones – Not winter hardy, will thrive from spring to fall in all zonesAnnual or Perennial – Annual Bloom season – Early summer to frost
Exposure – Full to part sun Drought Tolerant – YesMature Height – 3 to 4 feet Mature Width – 3 to 4 feet

Why is it called a desert rose?

It got its name “Desert Rose” (a reference to its pink color) because it grows exclusively in dry regions. This succulent blooms beautiful flowers in different shades of pink and has a succulent stem that is a beauty to behold.

What is unique about the desert rose?

The desert rose has an unusual growth form. As it grows, it forms a broad, swollen, twisted base, also known as the caudex, that is partially buried under the ground. The caudex produces twisted leafless gray-green to brown branches. The leaves appear at the stem tips and are about 4 inches long.

What is desert rose related to?

Desert Rose (Adenium obesum) is a member of the Dogbane (Apocynaceae) family, which also includes oleander and plumeria.

Is a desert rose a baobab?

Smart tip about the desert rose

This magnificent plant is also called baobab rose. It can bloom all year round when it gets older and is well cared for.

Where does the desert rose originate from?

Desert rose is a succulent plant in the Apocynaceae (dog bane) family native to dry desert regions of Africa, Asia, and Tanzania. It is often used as a houseplant for its beautiful flowers and charming, small tree-like shape.

What plant is similar to desert rose?

Adenium swazicum produces trumpet-shaped white and pink flowers like is Adenium obesum. Swazicum is a little larger than the Adenium obesum and more tolerant of weather changes. But, like all Desert Roses, this plant favors sandy, dry climates, and is prone to overwatering. The Adenium swazicum comes from South Africa.

Is Desert Rose a bonsai?

The Desert Rose, also called the Japanese frangipani and Adenium bonsai, is a small succulent tree native to Africa and Arabia which has fleshy leaves and develops a bulbous base. It produces large pink and white or red flowers when it gets enough sunlight.

How many species of Desert Rose are there?

Classification. The genus Adenium has been held to contain as many as twelve species. These are considered by other authors to be subspecies or varieties.

How many different colors of Desert Rose are there?

Desert rose looks like a bonsai; it has a thick, swollen truck (that holds water during times of drought) and shiny, dark green leaves. But the real appeal comes from its showy, trumpet-shaped flowers that appear in festive shades of pink, white, purple, and red.

Is a desert rose a succulent?

The desert rose plant (Adenium obesum) is a succulent plant known for its cacti-like swollen trunk (or caudex), bright green leaves, and vibrant, often pink, red, or white, flowers. The plant’s small but robust stature is reminiscent of a bonsai plant, so many hobbyists enjoy keeping it as an indoor plant.

Can you root a desert rose cutting?

Desert Rose Cutting Propagation

Take a cutting from the tip of a branch. Allow the cutting to dry out for a day or two, then wet the end of the desert rose cutting and dip it in rooting hormone. Stick the cutting into a well-draining growing medium like perlite or sand mixed with soil.

Do you need to trim a desert rose?

You really only need to do one big prune of your desert rose bush once per year. Prune in late February or early March, just as new growth emerges and before the blossoms start to appear.

Is desert rose toxic to touch?

Symptoms: All parts of the plant are toxic. Symptoms may include slow heart beat, low blood pressure, lethargy, dizziness and stomach upset.

Are desert roses poisonous to children?

This succulent provides bright flowers and while not in bloom it has interesting tight clusters of narrow, green leaves. However, there is an important consideration when growing this plant, particularly in the house. Its sap is poisonous and should never come into contact with children or pets.