What are the activities done on apparatus?


Apparatus activities are the gymnastic activities that are performed on gymnastic apparatus like horse, rings, balance beam, uneven parallel bar and others to list a few.

What are classification of gymnastics activities?

Learn About the 7 Types of Gymnastics
  • Women’s Artistic Gymnastics. …
  • Men’s Artistic Gymnastics. …
  • Rhythmic Gymnastics. …
  • Trampoline. …
  • Tumbling. …
  • Acrobatic Gymnastics. …
  • Group Gymnastics.

What are the 5 apparatus in gymnastics?

Only women compete in the sport, which combines elements of ballet and gymnastics in the performance of five separate routines with the use of one of the five apparatuses: ball, ribbon, hoop, clubs and rope.

What are gymnastics apparatus exercises?

In competitive gymnastics—such as during an Olympic Games competition—the term apparatus refers to a piece of equipment that’s used in gymnastics, like the vault table or the balance beam. Each gymnastics apparatus effectively serves as a medium on which gymnasts demonstrate their strength and agility.

What are the 6 types of gymnastics?

Officially, there are 6 types of gymnastics: Artistic, Rhythmic, Trampoline, Power Tumbling, Acrobatics, and Aerobics, 3 of which are included in the Tokyo Olympics 2021. Different types and events of gymnastics require and different skills like balance, flexibility, strength, coordination, agility, and endurance.

What are the 8 basic skills in gymnastics?

Basic skills required for the gymnast are flexibility, core strength, balance, upper and lower-body strength, power, mental focus, discipline, and dedication. Although not necessarily a skill, commitment is mandatory and is often assessed by gymnastic coaches.

What are the 8 types of apparatus used in artistic gymnastics?

The main apparatus used in Olympic gymnastics are the floor, vault, balance beam, bars (uneven, high, and parallel), rings, and pommel horse. These eight pieces of equipment can also be found in gyms around the world.

What is a light apparatus exercise?

A light weight exercise apparatus includes a support including a first part extending along a portion of the lower arm of the user and a second part extending from the first part and having first and second portions.

What are the 6 apparatus in men’s gymnastics?

Men`s Artistic Gymnastics is sport discipline, where exercises are executed on 6 apparatus (Floor Exercise, Pommel Horse, Still Rings, Vault, Parallel Bars, Horizontal Bar).

How many groups are there in gymnastics activities?

Men compete on six events: Floor Exercise, Pommel Horse, Still Rings, Vault, Parallel Bars, and Horizontal Bar, while women compete on four: Vault, Uneven Bars, Balance Beam, and Floor Exercise.

How many types of competition are there in gymnastics?

Competitive gymnastics is divided into three categories: women’s artistic gymnastics, men’s artistic gymnastics, and women’s rhythmic gymnastics. The events are featured at numerous competitions including the Summer Olympic Games, the U.S. Gymnastics Championships, and the Gymnastics World Championships.

What kind of sport is gymnastics?

‘Gymnastics is a sport that includes exercises requiring balance, strength, flexibility, agility, coordination and endurance,” according to Wikipedia. Merriam-Webster agrees, calling gymnastics a ‘physical exercise designed to develop strength and coordination.”

What are the floor activities?

Floor activities are the activities performed on a mat, foam or floor. They are also known as stunts. Tumbling are the activities involving springing (jumping or moving rapidly), rolling, twisting and turning of the body.

What are the different types of stunts in gymnastics explain each?

3. Types of Stunts • Individual Stunts – these are stunts performed by only one person. Dual Stunts – these are stunts performed by two. Group Stunts – these are stunts performed by three or more persons.

What are the 6 events in women’s gymnastics?

The Women’s Artistic Gymnastics events are: Vault, Uneven Bars, Balance Beam, Floor Exercise, and combined exercises (the All-Around), which combines the scores of the other four events [1,2].

What are tumbling activities?

tumbling, execution of acrobatic movements such as rolls, twists, handsprings, or somersaults on floor mats or on the ground. Unlike most other disciplines in gymnastics, tumbling does not involve the use of apparatuses.

What are the 3 types of gymnastics?

Understanding the 5 Different Types of Gymnastics
  • #1 Artistic Gymnastics.
  • #2 Rhythmic Gymnastics (RG)
  • #4 Power Tumbling.
  • #5 Acrobatic Gymnastics.