What is the classification of a banana?

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SuperorderLilianae – monocots, monocotyledons, monocotylédones
FamilyMusaceae – banana
GenusMusa L. – banana

What are the 7 levels of classification for a banana?

A Banana’s Taxonomic Tree
  • ​Domain:​ Eukaryota.
  • ​Kingdom:​ Plantae.
  • ​Phylum:​ Spermatophya.
  • ​Subphylum:​ Angiospermae.
  • ​Class:​ Monocotyledonae.
  • ​Family:​ Musaceae.
  • ​Genus:​ Musa.

Why is banana plant classified as a herb and not a tree?

Banana plants are not trees. They are, in fact, large herbs, as they do not have a persistent or woody stem. Although a banana plant has no wooden trunk, it can reach heights of as much as 40 feet, though, making it one of the tallest herbs grown on Earth.