What is a catering classification?

There is no formal classification of the catering industry in India. Keeping in mind the activities, potential clients, market, and style of operations, we can categorize the catering industry broadly into two categories as (1) commercial catering; and (2) welfare catering (Figure 2.1).

What is a catering establishment?

catering establishment means any meal room, dining room, coffee shop, tea shop, or cafeteria, and includes any place, building, or part thereof, in or from which food is sold or served for consumption on the premises or elsewhere.

What is meant by commercial catering?

Commercial catering is defined as catering services provided just to earn profits, or in other words in this type of catering, services provided by outlets just to maximise profit. Such outlets exist not only in private sector but also in public sector.

How do you describe a catering services?

Catering refers to a service that delivers food to a client’s location, and may also cook and serve it on site. Options range from full-service caterers that cook, deliver, set up and serve at an event to mobile or industrial caterers.

What are the 7 functions of catering?

What are the 7 Functions of Catering?
  • Planning.
  • Operations – Execution of Tasks.
  • Organizing the Event.
  • Equipment.
  • Implementation.
  • Controlling.
  • Understanding Legal & Insurance Issues.

What are the 3 primary classifications catering establishments?

They are:
  • Commercial catering.
  • Transport catering.
  • Welfare catering.

What is the purpose of catering?

Caterers are known for providing preparation, delivery, and presentation of food for any event or party.

What is the main function of catering?

One of the top functions of caterers is to prepare and serve food to guests. While a caterer needs to provide quality food and attractive presentation to your guests, they are also required to maintain good health and sanitary standards for both ethical and legal reasons.

What is the role of catering?

Caterers are responsible for cooking and serving meals at many different kinds of events. Their typical duties include: Preparing and storing food safety before and during events. Setting up all tables and food service areas with chairs, linens and dishes.

What are the difference between the catering establishment and restaurant before?

The main difference is how each type of business was developed. Restaurant caterers are simply offering another service outside of their restaurant. Catering services have been built from the ground up to provide the ultimate full service catering experience.

What is the purpose of catering system?

Services that cater/provide food service are also known as Catering Services. Catering can also be regarded as a service that provides a pleasant change from home cooked food. People like to enjoy a meals/snacks/ beverages that have been prepared and served in different and pleasant surroundings.

What is a non commercial catering establishment?

Non commercial residential establishments include. Hospitals, residential homes, prisons, armed services. Contract caterers. These provide food and drink for a function where catering facilities are not already provided.

What are the two main types of catering?

4. TYPES OF CATERING SERVICE • There are two main types of catering on-premises and off- premises catering that may be a concern to a large and small caterer.

What is primary catering management?

A) Primary or Commercial Catering. These are the establishments whose main aim is to earn profit by providing food and beverage to the guests as per their demand. Hence, they are also referred as commercial catering, establishments. Such as hotels, restaurants, fast food outlets, bars, pubs, etc.

What is primary catering facilities?


Outdoor Catering (Off-premise catering) – it caters a large number of people at venue of their own choice, usually not within the establishment’s premise. this provision of food and beverages is part of another business, so this is a allied or support system of the business itself.

What are the classifications of food service industry?

The foodservice industry is divided by segments including full service, quick service, eating and drinking and retail host. Everything from fine dining in a restaurant to midday meal services at schools all fall under the umbrella of the food service industry.

What are the example of catering services?

Here are seven types of catering services offered by most catering companies:
  • Wedding Services Catering. …
  • Corporate Catering. …
  • Cocktail Reception. …
  • Bento Catering. …
  • Buffet Catering. …
  • Sit-down Catering. …
  • Petite Take-Away Buffet Catering.