What are the 4 classification of crops?

Commercial classification

Plants are classified according to commercial purposes as food crops, industrial crops, and food adjuncts. Food crops: cereals, rice, wheat, maize, sorghum, ragi, pulses, legumes, fruits, vegetables, and nuts.

What are the 6 Classification of crops based on their use and explain?

By use, crops fall into six categories: food crops, feed crops, fiber crops, oil crops, ornamental crops, and industrial crops. Food crops, such as fruit and vegetables, are harvested for human consumption. Grains, such as corn, wheat, and rice, are the world’s most popular food crops.

What crops are most economically important?

List of most valuable crops and livestock products
Crop or LivestockGlobal gross production value in billion US$Country with highest gross production value in billion USD
Maize (corn)$191$61.2 (Mainland China)
Wheat$168$50.7 (Mainland China)
Soybeans$107$40.7 (United States)
Eggs, hen, in shell$93.6$26.1 (Mainland China)

What is the basis of the classification of crops?

Answer : crops are classified on the basis of the season in which they grow. For example: Kharif crops and Rabi crops.

How many classification of crops are there?


There are three main classes of such crops. Crops may be grouped according to lifespan. Annual Crops: these are crops grown from seed to mature plant in a growing season or a year. That is they produced germinate, produce fruits and die within one year.

What are the three classifications of crops?

  • Annual Crops: They are crops which grow and mature within one year e.g. melon, maize, rice, wheat, groundnut, cowpea, cotton etc.
  • Biennial Crops: They are crops which grow and mature within two years e.g. cassava, pepper, ginger etc.
  • Perennial Crops: They are those crops that grow and mature in more than two years.

What are the 6 types of crops?

Based on the utility crops are further divided into six types.
  • Food Crops. ADVERTISEMENT. …
  • Feed and Forage Crops. Among types of crops, forage crops are mainly grown for animal feed. …
  • Oilseed Crops. Oilseed crops are used to obtain oil by crushing their seeds. …
  • Fiber Crops.

What are the classification of crops based on their life span?


Classification of Crops based on Life Span; Annual Crops (e.g. maize, yam, etc.) Biennial Crops (e.g. ginger, pineapple, cassava, etc) Perennial Crops (e.g cocoa, mango, etc.)

What are the classification of plant based on life cycle?

Plants are classified by the number of growing seasons required to complete their life cycle. Generally, these groups are annuals, biennials, and perennials.

What are the two main types of crops give example of each type of crop?

  • Crops Definition. A crop is a plant that is cultivated or grown on a large scale. …
  • Types of Crops. Two major types of crops grow in India. …
  • Kharif Crops. The word “Kharif” is Arabic for autumn since the season coincides with the beginning of autumn or winter. …
  • Rabi Crops. …
  • Zaid Crops. …
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What is classification in agriculture?

Agricultural Classification. Agricultural Classification. An agricultural classification, more commonly known as “Greenbelt” is not an exemption, but rather it is a classification of different types of agricultural property, such as pasture, cropland, and timberland.

What are the importance of annual crops?

Annual plants play an important role in the Earth’s systems and ecosystems. For example, winter annuals typically grow low to the ground to protect themselves from the extreme cold. This causes them to play an important ecological role where they help prevent the erosion of the soil during winter months and storms.

What is the classification based on life cycle of mango?

CropClassification based on life cycle

What are classification of plants?

While there are many ways to structure plant classification, one way is to group them into vascular and non-vascular plants, seed bearing and spore bearing, and angiosperms and gymnosperms. Plants can also be classified as grasses, herbaceous plants, woody shrubs, and trees.

What is classification simple?

1 : the act of arranging into groups of similar things. 2 : an arrangement into groups of similar things a classification of plants. classification. noun.