What are the three types of neck dissection?

Neck dissection is a major surgery done to remove lymph nodes that contain cancer. It is done in the hospital.

There are 3 main types of neck dissection surgery:
  • Radical neck dissection. …
  • Modified radical neck dissection. …
  • Selective neck dissection.

What are the levels of neck dissection?

It involves the removal of the suboccipital lymph nodes, retroauricular lymph nodes, upper jugular lymph nodes (level II), middle jugular lymph nodes (level III), lower jugular (level IV), and the nodes of the posterior triangle of the neck (level V).

What is Level 5 of the neck?

Anatomically, level 5 of the neck is also referred to as the posterior triangle. Its boundaries are the posterior border of sternocleidomastoid anteriorly, the anterior border of trapezius posteriorly and the superior border of the clavicle inferiorly.

What is lymph node classification?

© 2022 UpToDate, Inc. Lymph node levels of the neck. Level I, submental (IA) and submandibular (IB); level II, upper internal jugular nodes; level III, middle jugular nodes; level IV, low jugular nodes; level V, posterior triangle nodes; level VI, central compartment; level VII, superior mediastinal nodes.

What are the 5 regions of lymph nodes of the neck?

Additional neck levels retropharyngeal nodes. parotid nodes. occipital nodes. posterior auricular (mastoid) nodes.

What is Level 3 lymph node of the neck?

Level III nodes are internal jugular nodes located between the hyoid bone and cricoid cartilage landmarks. Contrast-enhanced CT shows a right enlarged level IV lymph node (white arrow) which mimics a vessel.

How many levels of lymph nodes are in the neck?

Lymph nodes in the neck are grouped into levels I-V, corresponding with the submandibular and submental nodes (level I); upper, middle, and lower jugular nodes (levels II, III, IV); and posterior triangle nodes (level V). Refer to the following image. The 6 levels of the neck with sublevels.

What does Level 4 lymph nodes mean?

Level IV: Lower Jugular Group. This group consists of lymph nodes located around the lower third of the internal jugular vein extending from the inferior border of the cricoid (above) to the clavicle (below).

What does Level 6 lymph nodes mean?

Level VIb encompasses inferior laryngeal nodes. Within the traditional limits of level VI, all lymph nodes lying between the inferior border of the hyoid bone and the inferior border of the cricoid cartilage belong to level VIa.

What is Level 6 lymph node?

Level VI: Anterior (Central) Compartment Group Lymph nodes in this compartment include the pre- and paratracheal. nodes, the precricoid (Delphian) node, and the perithyroidal nodes, including the lymph nodes along the recurrent laryngeal nerves. The. superior boundary is the hyoid bone, the inferior boundary is the.

What is Level 7 lymph node?

Level VII lymph nodes are defined as lymph nodes in the anterior superior mediastinum and the tracheoesophageal grooves, extending from the suprasternal notch to the innominate artery [10].

What are the 7 lymph nodes?

Lymph nodes are clustered throughout the body, including the neck (cervical lymph nodes), groin (inguinal lymph nodes), and armpits (axillary lymph nodes). There are internal lymph nodes in the abdomen (mesenteric and retroperitoneal), chest cavity (mediastinal), and lower abdomen (pelvic).

What is a Level 1 neck dissection?

Dissection. Submandibular and submental dissection (Level I) If perifacial lymph nodes do not require removal, the superior skin flap is raised to the inferior aspect of the submandibular gland. The fascia over the gland is incised, and the posterior facial vein is ligated and divided. Both are elevated off the gland.

What is level 11 lymph node?

The “inferior interlobar nodes” are located below the middle lobe bronchus, lie between it and the lower lobe bronchus, and are also referred to as station 11 lymph nodes. In the left lung the lymph nodes in station 11 lie in the angle between the left upper lobe and lower lobe bronchi.

Where are level 11 lymph nodes located?

Station 11 lymph nodes, named left hilar lymph nodes, are between the left upper lobe and left lower lobe of the bronchus. The puncture sites for left hilar lymph nodes are at the lateral wall of the left lower lobe of the bronchus at about the 9 o’clock position, proximal to the left dorsal bronchus orifice.