Why does Mrs Mallard feel happy her husband died?

Mallard learns that her husband died in a railroad disaster. Instead of the reaction that most people would think she would have, she is overjoyed that her husband is dead. She feels free from her marriage, which leads readers to believe that she is unhappy with her marriage.

What true feelings does she have about her husband’s death?

Her husband supposedly died and she is ambivalent of her emotions; she should be sad but feels content that he is dead because she can be free and independent.

How does Mrs Mallard feel about her husband’s death in the story of an hour?

Mallard that her husband died. She cries, then goes to her room to be by herself and locks the door. Inside, she seems terrified of some realization that comes to her and she finally realizes that it’s her freedom. Even though they loved each other, and she’s saddened by his death, she feels free for the first time.

What was Mrs Mallard first reaction when her husband died?

In “The Story of an Hour,” Mrs. Mallard’s first reaction to the news of her husband’s death is one of extreme grief and sadness. Louise weeps with “wild abandonment” and experiences a “storm of grief” before she heads upstairs.

How does Louise Mallard feel about her husband?

Louise suffers from a heart problem, which indicates the extent to which she feels that marriage has oppressed her. The vague label Chopin gives to Louise’s problem—“heart trouble”—suggests that this trouble is both physical and emotional, a problem both within her body and with her relationship to Brently.

What feeling does Mrs. Mallard experience?

The feeling that Mrs. Mallard begins to experience is freedom. Although she knows that she should be feeling sad and lonely, she realizes that she wasn’t always happy with her husband and that there are things that she would like to do for herself, just because she feels like it.

How does Mrs. Mallard think she will react when she sees her husband’s dead body?

8. She thinks she will be sad and think about how much he loved her. 9. Mrs.

In what ways is Mrs. Mallard’s reaction to her husband’s death an example of situational irony?

Mallard dies, that is considered a situational irony, because the reader doesn’t expect the death of Mrs. Mallard. Another irony from the story is the fact that the reader doesn’t expect the feeling of excitement and joy from Mrs. Mallard’s part of knowing from the death of her husband.

Did Mrs. Mallard love her husband?

Key conclusion: Mrs. Mallard loves her husband but doesn’t love the burden that comes with her marriage. Love is great but freedom is better.