What shall we do with a drunken sailor Tik Tok?

What do you do with a Drunken Sailor answer?

What shall we do with a drunken sailor, Early in the morning? Put/chuck him in the long boat ’til he’s sober. Put him in the long-boat and make him bail her.

What do you do with a gassy sailor?

What is the meaning of Drunken Sailor?

Drunken Sailor. “Drunken Sailor” is a sea shanty, also known as “What Shall We Do with a/the Drunken Sailor?” The shanty was sung to accompany certain work tasks aboard sailing ships, especially those that required a bright walking pace.

Is Drunken Sailor copyrighted?

English: Simplified (one voice) music score for the traditional sea shanty “Drunken Sailor”. This work is in the public domain in its country of origin and other countries and areas where the copyright term is the author’s life plus 70 years or fewer.

How do you play what do you do with a Drunken Sailor on piano?

When did Drunken Sailor come out?

What is the oldest sea shanty?

One of the earliest references to shanty-like songs that has been discovered was made by an anonymous “steerage passenger” in a log of a voyage of an East India Company ship, entitled The Quid (1832). Crew and passengers alike were noted to join in at heaving the capstan around.

Who made Drunken Sailor?

The Irish Rovers is a group of Irish musicians that originated in Toronto, Canada. Formed in 1963 named after the traditional song “The Irish Rover” they are best known for their international television …


Who sang What Shall We Do with the drunken sailor?

What do you do with a drunken sailor Wiki?

“Drunken sailor” (or “What do you do with a drunken sailor?”) is a traditional sea shanty. It begins with the question “What do you do with a drunken sailor (repeated three times) early in the morning?” and degenerates into many verses in which one may ignore, humiliate, or even harm and kill a drunken sailor.

What is a shanty song?

shanty, also spelled Chantey, or Chanty (from French chanter, “to sing”), English-language sailors’ work song dating from the days of sailing ships, when manipulating heavy sails, by means of ropes, from positions on the deck constituted a large part of a sailor’s work.

What does put him in the bed with the captain’s daughter Meaning?

Think it may have something to do with the “captain’s daughter” being some sort of club, and to put him to bed with it would mean to beat him senseless.

What does Hooray and up she rises mean?

“Up she rises” is a whaling term. The lookouts would shout “Up she (or there she) rises” when the whale is about to break the surface of the water. “There she steams” or “there she blows” meant that the whale was exhaling and a signal for the crew on deck to look for the water and vapor from the breathing.

What does stick him in a scupper with a hosepipe bottom mean?

Drunken sailors were sometimes hosed-down with bilge water as a form of punishment. The sailor would simply be placed, face up, by the scuppers (where the water would drain off the deck immediately) and given a thorough soaking.

Why is it called Captain’s Daughter?

Bring…to bear: usually used in reference to aiming a cannon at something, bringing one’s back to bear became slang for a sailor preparing to receive a flogging. Captain’s Daughter: A cat o’ nine tails, a whip with several lashes used to administer martial punishment for grievous errors aboard ships.

What shall we do with a drunken sailor ukulele chords?

Who wrote Wellerman?

Nathan Evans version
“Wellerman (220 Kid x Billen Ted Remix)”
Songwriter(s)Nathan Evans Alexander Oriet David Phelan William Graydon Samuel Brennan Tom Hollings
Producer(s)220 Kid Billen Ted

Is the captain’s daughter a true story?

It was first published in 1836 in the fourth issue of the literary journal Sovremennik. The novel is a romanticized account of Pugachev’s Rebellion in 1773–1774. The title “The Captain’s Daughter” has also been used to refer to a collection of stories, one of which was the actual novel.

Who wrote the captain’s daughter?

About the Author. Alexander Pushkin (1799–1837) was born in Moscow and brought up mainly by tutors and governesses. One of his great-grandfathers, Abram Gannibal, was an African slave who became a favorite and godson of Peter the Great. Like many aristocrats, Pushkin learned Russian mainly from household serfs.

How many pages is the captain’s daughter?

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Publisher:New York Review Books
Publication date:09/02/2014
Series:NYRB Classics Series
Sep 2, 2014

What was Captain daughter about?

Alexander Pushkin’s short novel is set during the reign of Catherine the Great, when the Cossacks rose up in rebellion against the Russian empress. Presented as the memoir of Pyotr Grinyov, a nobleman, The Captain’s Daughter tells how, as a feckless youth and fledgling officer, Grinyov was sent from St.