How does Viola disguise herself?

Instead Viola disguises herself as a boy and goes to work as a servant to Orsino. Calling herself Cesario, Viola makes a good impression on the Duke who sends her to woo Olivia on his behalf.

What disguise will Viola adopt?

Olivia will see no one. For a moment, Viola ponders, then she devises an ingenious scheme. She will disguise herself as a young eunuch, and she will pay the captain handsomely for his aid if he presents her to Duke Orsino.

What does Viola disguise herself as to survive in this new land quizlet?

Viola must fend for herself in a strange land. Therefore, she decides to disguise herself as a man named Cesario and serves as a page to Duke Orsino.

Why does Viola need to disguise herself?

By disguising herself as a man Viola is able attract his attention and appreciation to ultimately prove her worth to him as a woman. Moreover, Viola’s disguise also allows Orsino to respect her intelligence which causes her to win his love.

Why does Olivia disguise herself in Twelfth Night?

Olivia also disguises herself as a sister mourning the death of her brother to escape from Orsino. This helps create credibility for her refusal of not seeing any male visitors. This excuse is ridiculous because she lets Cesario in on Orsino’s behalf.

What are some characteristics of Viola?

All through the play Viola shows strength of character, a quick wit and enormous resourcefulness. Being disguised as a boy leads to an impossible position but in spite of that she maintains self-control and a dignity that contrasts with the excessive emotions of the other main characters.

Why did Viola disguise herself as her brother?

What’s the motivation here? Well, the answer isn’t quite clear. On the one hand, we could say that Viola disguises her identity because she’s not capable of facing a world without her brother. This would align Viola with the likes of Olivia, who cloisters herself like a nun to mourn the death of her dead brother.

How does Viola find herself in Illyria?

Viola lands in Illyria after a shipwreck in which her twin brother, Sebastian is lost. Not knowing what to do or where to go, Viola decides to disguise herself as a boy and, calling herself Cesario, to work for the Duke Orsino.

Whose help does Viola seek to disguise herself?

Viola decides that, in that case, she will disguise herself as a young man and seek service with Duke Orsino instead. When she promises to pay him well, the captain agrees to help her, and they go off together in order to find a disguise for her.

How is it revealed that Viola is dressed as a boy?

Viola then reveals that her real identity is hidden by “masculine usurp’d attire“; she is Sebastian’s lost twin sister, and she can prove it by taking them to the home of a sea captain who knows of her disguise and is keeping her women’s clothes for her; however, they must produce Malvolio because he has been holding …

Who is Olivia in love with?

Olivia quickly falls in love with the witty Cesario (Viola’s name when she is in disguise) because Cesario is unafraid of saying what he/she is thinking, even though Cesario never says anything nice to Olivia (except, of course, when speaking Orsino’s messages).

Why is Viola concerned about what she will do in Illyria?

The ship’s captain tells Viola all about Duke Orsino, who rules Illyria. … Violadecides that, in that case, she willdisguise herself as a young man and seek service with Duke Orsino instead. When she promises to pay him well, the captain agrees to help her, and theygo off together in order to find a disguise for her.

What scene does Viola disguise herself in Twelfth Night?

Act 1, scene 4

At Orsino’s court, Viola, disguised as a page and calling herself Cesario, has gained the trust of Orsino, who decides…

What does Viola decide to do in Illyria and who helped her to carry out the plan?

Viola mentions that she can sing and talk about music, which will make her more valuable to the duke. She says that she can pay the captain for his help if no one finds out who she is. The captain agrees that he will help her with the disguise and keep her secret from everyone in Illyria.