What is used to transfer data packets between two networks?

A router is a networking device that forwards data packets between computer networks. Routers perform the traffic directing functions on the Internet. Data sent through the internet, such as a web page or email, is in the form of data packets.

When using packet switching packets are always sent over the same route?

When using packet switching, packets are always sent over the same route. File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is used to transmit e-mail messages across the Internet. IPv6 uses six groups of 16-bit numbers. Dynamic IP addressing is accomplished using a DHCP server.

Are devices that transfer packets of data?

Routers. A router is the traffic-control center device that handles the packet transfer process between networks. Essentially, routers determine where to send a data packet and then forward it to the next network point.

What is two or more computers connected using software and hardware so that they can communicate with each other?

When two or more computers are connected together so they can communicate with one another, they form a network. The largest computer network in the world in the Internet.

What is responsible for packet switching?

In connection-oriented packet switching, also called virtual circuit switching or circuit switching, data packets are first assembled and then numbered. They then travel across a predefined route, sequentially. Address information is not needed in circuit switching, because all packets are sent in sequence.

What are the two approaches to packet switching?

There are two common packet switching methods in use:
  • Datagram Packet Switching: Each packet is forwarded independently based on the destination address. …
  • Virtual Circuit Packet Switching: A route is set up prior to packets being sent.

Which process safeguards data from theft or loss?

Use encryption to prevent data theft.

Ensure all sensitive information that is being transferred or emailed is encrypted. Encryption should also be installed on all company laptops, mobile devices and removable media.

How well two computers can share information with each other?

Network technologies allow two or more computers to connect with each other. The most common of these technologies include Local Area Network (LAN), Wireless Area Network (WAN), the Internet via client servers and Bluetooth.

Which is a precaution to be taken when setting up a wireless network quizlet?

Which is the central device to a home network? Which is a precaution to be taken when setting up a wireless network? a Disable the passphrase.

How can you protect your data from natural disasters?

The best way to safeguard your data from natural disasters and create painless and speedy data restore options is with a cloud backup solution. Cloud backup solutions store your data in off-site servers housed in secure facilities and connected to the cloud.

What security measures do websites take to protect their users identities?

Evidence that your information is being encrypted – To prevent attackers from stealing your personal information, online submissions should be encrypted so that it can only be read by the appropriate recipient. Many sites use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) or Hypertext Transport Protocol Secure (HTTPS).

How natural disasters affect the data system?

The effects of a disaster can lead to the loss of a company’s data, failure of critical business systems, shut down of the company’s website functions, or worst, halt of the entire company’s operations, potentially resulting in a massive loss of revenue.

How do natural disasters affect computer data?

One of the major dangers of natural disasters – at least as far as data protection is concerned – is that your computer might suddenly shut off without warning. If you lose power, for example, your computer simply becomes unusable – taking any and all unsaved data with it.