What is a meaning of abashed?

Definition of abashed

: made to feel uncomfortable, disconcerted, or embarrassed by something that has happened or been done or said I stood back, abashed, wondering what I’d done wrong …—

How do you use abashed in a sentence?

He said nothing but looked abashed. ashamedHe was ashamed that he had been caught stealing. embarrassedI was too embarrassed to admit I was wrong. abashedShe looked at the floor, abashed.

What type of word is abashed?

ABASHED (adjective) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

Does abashed mean ashamed?

If you are abashed, you feel embarrassed and ashamed. He looked abashed, uncomfortable.

What is the synonym of Abash?

Some common synonyms of abash are discomfit, disconcert, embarrass, and rattle. While all these words mean “to distress by confusing or confounding,” abash presupposes some initial self-confidence that receives a sudden check, producing shyness, shame, or a feeling of inferiority.

How do you pronounce abashed?

What does the word abased mean in the Bible?

Definition of abase

transitive verb. 1 formal : to lower in rank, office, prestige, or esteem abase oneself … the shame that had abased him within and without …— James Joyce.

What is the meaning of Pauciloquy?

Economical speech
Noun. pauciloquy (uncountable) (uncommon) Economical speech; the use of few words when speaking; laconism.

What does infidels mean in English?

Definition of infidel

(Entry 1 of 2) 1 : one who is not a Christian or who opposes Christianity. 2a : an unbeliever with respect to a particular religion. b : one who acknowledges no religious belief.

How do you use abase in a sentence?

Abase sentence example

Don’t abase your cousin by making fun of his accent. You should abase yourselves as miserable friends. The mother-in-law would demean her, as a way to abase the young wife in the son’s eyes. Matthew would abase others in an attempt to elevate himself.

How do you use abbreviate in a sentence?

How to use Abbreviate in a sentence. If the space is small, you can always abbreviate. We were forced to abbreviate our trip due to the bad weather. Ordinary algebra developed very gradually as a kind of shorthand, devised to abbreviate the discussion of arithmetical problems and the statement of arithmetical facts.

What is a sentence for abjure?

He was arrested, had to spend several months in prison and was forced to abjure his professorship. He was required to abjure, curse and detest those opinions. He was arrested on the charge of being a priest, but, although efforts were made to induce him to abjure his opinions, he remained firm.

How do you use abject in a sentence?

Examples of abject in a Sentence

They live in abject misery. He offered an abject apology. She thought he was an abject coward.

Can you start a sentence with Dr?

Although abbreviations are generally avoided at the start of a sentence, contracted social titles, such as Dr. and Mr., are acceptable in this position. Don’t spell out a social title just because it appears at the start of a sentence. Dr.

What is the synonym of abbreviate?

Some common synonyms of abbreviate are abridge, curtail, retrench, and shorten. While all these words mean “to reduce in extent,” abbreviate implies a making shorter usually by omitting some part.