What is an example of capitulate?

To capitulate is to surrender or give in to all demands. An example of capitulate is when someone asks something of you and you give in to everything they request.

How do you use capitulated in a sentence?

Examples of capitulate in a Sentence

The country still refuses to capitulate despite its weakening army and dwindling resources. The teacher refused to capitulate: no calculators were to be used during the exam.

What is another word for capitulating?

Some common synonyms of capitulate are defer, relent, submit, succumb, and yield.

What is the dictionary definition of capitulation?

1 : a set of terms or articles (see article sense 1c) constituting an agreement between governments. 2a : the act of surrendering or yielding the capitulation of the defenders of the besieged town. b : the terms of surrender. Synonyms More Example Sentences Learn More About capitulation.

What is the root of the word capitulate?

To capitulate is to surrender outright or to give in under certain terms. Either way, you’re agreeing to something you don’t really want. The word comes from the Latin roots caput (“head”) and capitulum (“headings”), a reference to the official agreement drawn up when someone formally surrendered.

What does it mean to capitulate 1984?

used in 1984 by Orwell. 2 uses. to stop resisting something — such as surrendering to someone else’s decision or accepting a military defeat. He had capitulated, that was agreed.

Is capitulation same as surrender?

By definition, capitulation means to surrender or give up. In financial circles, this term is used to indicate the point in time when investors have decided to give up on trying to recapture lost gains as a result of falling stock prices.

What is a capitulation candle?

Using Technical Analysis to Identify Capitulations

Technical analysts use candlestick charts to identify capitulation patterns. One such pattern is the hammer candle, which marks a trading session in which the price drops well below its opening level but reverses to regain much of the loss by the close.

What does capitulate mean in crypto?

Back to Glossary. Capitulation refers to a market phenomenon where investors lose faith in a particular asset (crypto, stocks, commodities etc.), giving up their positions in the market, leading to massive sell orders. As a result, there is a continuous decline in the asset price until a bottom is reached.

What is capricious in a sentence?

Examples of capricious in a Sentence

1979 employees who are at the mercy of a capricious manager The court ruled that the punishment was arbitrary and capricious.

How do you use chafe in a sentence?

Examples of chafe in a Sentence

Verb When the strap is too tight, it chafes the baby’s skin. If my boots aren’t laced up tight they chafe. The baby’s skin will chafe if the strap is too tight.

How do you use boisterous in a sentence?

Boisterous sentence example. The boisterous student disrupted his class everyday. The front door was in continual motion with guests coming and going, amid laughter and boisterous conversation.

How do you use Catharsis in a sentence?

Catharsis sentence example. Music is a means of catharsis for her. Crying is a great catharsis for releasing pain and anger. Emotional catharsis is an important factor in a person’s well-being.

What is the synonym of chafe?

Synonyms & Near Synonyms for chafe. abrasion, scrape, scratch.

What does it mean when a guy is chafing?

What Is Chafing? Most chafing happens where there is skin-to-skin contact, like the groin or inner thigh area—most common among men—or arm pits. It can also happen places like your nipples, where clothing can aggressively rub against skin, like in the case of distance runners.