Is chuckle a laugh?

Chuckle is one of many words for different kinds of laughter. These include giggle, titter, snicker, and a word that is a cross between chuckle and snort — chortle.

What are two definitions for chuckle?

Definition of chuckle

1 : to laugh inwardly or quietly He chuckled as he read the comic strip. 2 : to make a continuous gentle sound resembling suppressed (see suppress sense 5a) mirth the clear bright water chuckled over gravel— B. A. Williams. transitive verb. : to utter with a chuckle Templeton grinned. “

What does it mean to call someone a chuckle?

Use chuckle when you mean a quiet, even soundless laugh.

How do you use chuckle in a sentence?

He chuckled at her forthrightness. He gave a little chuckle.

What is the opposite of chuckle?

What is the opposite of chuckle?

What is a mirthful smile?

full of laughter, humor, or happiness: The ending of the film is melancholy rather than mirthful. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases. Laughing and smiling.

What is the synonym of chuckled?

verblaugh or to cause to laugh unrestrainedly. amuse. cackle. chortle. chuckle.

What part of speech is chuckle?

verb (used without object), chuck·led, chuck·ling. to laugh softly or amusedly, usually with satisfaction: They chuckled at the child’s efforts to walk.

How do you describe laughing in creative writing?

Another choice is to use a synonym such as “He chuckled”—or “snickered” or “hooted” or “roared.” These work well, indicating specific kinds of laughter, as long as you don’t overdo it. Add too many laughing verbs and your story will start to sound like a zoo at feeding time.

What is the meaning of stockinged?

(stɒkɪŋd ) adjective [ADJECTIVE noun] If someone is in their stockinged feet, they are wearing socks, tights, or stockings, but no shoes.

What is the meaning of secret giggle?

to laugh in a silly, often high-pitched way, especially with short, repeated gasps and titters, as from juvenile or ill-concealed amusement or nervous embarrassment.

Is guffaw positive or negative?

A guffaw is a belly laugh: a laugh that bubbles up with good feeling and plenty of volume.

What type of word is groan?

Definition of groan

intransitive verb. 1 : to utter a deep moan indicative of pain, grief, or annoyance groaned when she saw the bill. 2 : to make a harsh sound (as of creaking) under sudden or prolonged strain The chair groaned under his weight. transitive verb. : to utter or express with groaning groaned their …

What is the opposite of giggle?

What is the opposite of giggle?

Which word means to laugh quietly?

chuckle verb
chuckle. verb. to laugh quietly, especially in a private or secret way.