What is the full meaning of convalescent?

recovering from sickness or debility
When you convalesce, you heal or grow strong after illness or injury, often by staying off your feet. The related adjective convalescent means “recovering from sickness or debility,” and a convalescent home is a hospital for long-term recuperation and rehabilitation.

What is an example of convalescent?

Convalescent is defined as a person who is recovering from an illness or undergoing a period of rest and recovery. A person who has just had a stroke and who is now in a nursing home recovering and rehabilitating is an example of a convalescent.

Who is a convalescent person?

As a noun, a convalescent is a person who is recovering from being sick. The origin of convalescent is the Latin root valescere, which means “to begin to grow strong.” Definitions of convalescent. adjective. returning to health after illness or debility.

How do you use convalescent in a sentence?

He is now convalescent: the other seaman did not develop the disease. The term “hospital” would include mental hospitals and convalescent homes. I responded to the point about convalescent homes, for example. The fourth child who is in hospital will shortly go to a convalescent home.

What happens during convalescence?

Convalescence. The final stage of infection is known as convalescence. During this stage, symptoms resolve, and a person can return to their normal functions. Depending on the severity of the infection, some people may have permanent damage even after the infection resolves.

How do you take care of convalescent?

Convalescent care can be provided in care and nursing homes where 24/7 support can be given. It can be arranged for a Carer to call on a person daily at agreed times, or some Home Care companies will even be able to provide a live-in Carer if required.

What is a convalescent hospital meaning?

Convalescent homes are staffed by medical professionals and provide short-term care and recovery for patients after surgeries and long-term illness. These facilities can be freestanding hospitals or hospital-based units and are a lower level extension of hospital care.

What is the meaning of convalescence stage?

Convalescence is the period in which the body recovers from a serious illness, injury or surgery. Changes to your lifestyle may be needed to make sure the body has enough time and rest to allow a complete recovery.

What is the meaning of convalescent home?

Convalescent homes, commonly called Inpatient Rehabilitation Facilities, are designed to provide care for senior patients who are recovering from surgeries or long-term illnesses. While some patients return home after their care at a convalescent home is complete, there are many patients who do not.

What is the definition of convalescent quizlet?

Convalescence. the process of recovering after the illness and regaining health.

What is convalescence benefit?

What is Convalescence Benefit? Convalescence is the name for the period of recovery from an illness or injury. Health Insurance providers do have provisions for your recuperating period, but due to lack of knowledge, many times this Convalescence Benefit goes unclaimed.

What is the other term of convalescent stage?

Definitions of convalescence. gradual healing (through rest) after sickness or injury. synonyms: recovery, recuperation. types: lysis. recuperation in which the symptoms of an acute disease gradually subside.

What is hospital daily cash and convalescence benefit?

Hospital Daily Cash assists you in paying off your medical expenses, prevents filing a claim under your Health Insurance Policy and allows you to preserve No-Claim Bonus. If you are hospitalized for a minimum of 10 consecutive days due to an injury or illness, a Sum Amount is paid once during each policy year.

What is hospital daily cash benefit?

It is a fixed daily allowance that is paid to the policyholder to meet miscellaneous expenses during the period of hospitalization. The daily cash benefit is usually provided in a basic plan or can be purchased as an optional cover. Some health insurance companies also provide a separate hospital cash insurance plan.

What are pre & post hospitalization expenses?

What are Pre & Post Hospitalization Expenses? Pre-hospitalisation expenses are medical costs incurred by the insured before getting admitted in a hospital. Post-hospitalisation expenses are medical costs incurred after discharge from the hospital. These are covered by most health insurers.

How do I claim my daily hospital cash?

Documents Required for Claim Process

Medical reports. Hospital bills, day care summary, discharge certificate, etc. Prescription from certified medical practitioner. Know Your Customer (KYC) documents (Photo ID Proof, Age Proof and Address Proof)

What is lump sum benefit in health insurance?

Benefits. Lump-sum payout on diagnosis: This plan provides lump-sum payout on the first diagnosis of covered illness, irrespective of actual amount spent on treatment, to help you recover without any financial stress. This option offers you cover against 26 Major Critical Illnesses.

What is hospital cash cover?

What is hospital daily cash insurance? Hospital cash insurance pays you a fixed amount at the time of taking policy in case you get hospitalized. The hospital daily cash benefit is paid irrespective of the actual bill amount and there are no bills required.

What is the minimum duration on hospital cash plan?

What is the minimum duration of a hospital cash plan? A daily cash allowance benefit is applicable for 15 days to 45 days. But the number of days may vary from one health insurer to the other.

What is surgical cash?

Yateesh Srivastava, Chief Marketing Officer AEGON Religare explains, “Surgical cash benefit is a benefit that is paid out if the insured has a surgery. In a surgical cash plan a fixed amount, depending on the type of surgery, is paid out. This is not dependent on actual expenditure incurred.