What does foreseen mean?

Definition of foresee

: to see (something, such as a development) beforehand He could not have foreseen the consequences of his actions. She foresaw the company’s potential and invested early on.

What does foresee the future mean?

verb. If you foresee something, you expect and believe that it will happen.

How do you say foresee?

What is the opposite of foresee?

Antonyms & Near Antonyms for foreseen. late, recent.

How long is foreseeable future?

foreseeable future means the greater of 5 generations or 20 years, but no longer than 100 years, unless specified otherwise in a determination made pursuant to Section 4 of the Act.

How do you use foresee in a sentence?

  1. We couldn’t have foreseen the consequences of our actions.
  2. He foresees a day when all war will cease.
  3. She foresaw the company’s potential and invested early on.

What does foreseeable future mean relationship?

phrase. If you say that something will happen in the foreseeable future you mean that you think it will happen fairly soon.

What’s the word for telling the future?

Some common synonyms of foretell are forecast, predict, prognosticate, and prophesy. While all these words mean “to tell beforehand,” foretell applies to the telling of the coming of a future event by any procedure or any source of information.

What is the ability to predict the future?

Foresight is the ability to predict, or the action of predicting, what will happen or what is needed in the future. Studies suggest that much of human daily thought is directed towards potential future events.

Does foreseeable mean forever?

If you say that something will happen for the foreseeable future, you think that it will continue to happen for a long time.

What is a synonym for foreseeable?

What is another word for foreseeable?

What is the opposite of foreseeable?

Opposite of not unexpected and so not causing surprise. unforeseeable. unanticipated. surprise. unpredictable.

Is foreseeable a noun or verb?

FORESEEABLE (adjective) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

What does for the unforeseeable future mean?

: not able to be reasonably anticipated or expected : not foreseeable an unforeseeable event/problem.

What is the noun for foresee?

Noun. foreseeing (plural foreseeings) The act by which something is foreseen; a prophetic vision.

What are foreseeable circumstances?

Primary tabs. A foreseeable risk is when a reasonable person in a given situation should know that a specific harm might occur as a result of their actions. For example, if a person buys fireworks, then handles them incorrectly and burns their finger, this is a foreseeable risk.

What is reasonably foreseeable?

What this means is that a reasonable person has to be able to predict or expect any harmfulness of their actions.

What is the root of foresee?

foresee (v.) Old English foreseon “have a premonition,” from fore- “before” + seon “to see, see ahead” (see see (v.)). Perhaps modeled on Latin providere.

What is the past tense of foresee?

The past tense of foresee is ‘foresaw‘.