What does it mean if something is groundbreaking?

Definition of groundbreaking

: introducing new ideas or methods has written a groundbreaking work.

What is an example of groundbreaking?

The definition of a groundbreaking is a ceremony held when construction is started on a new building. An example of a groundbreaking is when the mayor comes before the media to dig up the first shovel full of dirt for the new police building.

What are two synonyms for groundbreaking?

In this page you can discover 9 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for groundbreaking, like: innovative, cutting-edge, mould-breaking, pioneer, trailblazing, innovational, groundbreaking ceremony, trail-blazing and ground-breaking.

Where does the term ground-breaking come from?

ground-breaking (adj.) also groundbreaking, 1907 as a figurative adjective, from expression to break ground (1650s), either for planting or for building, which was in figurative use by 1884; see ground (n.) + break (v.).

What happens during ground breaking?

The act of groundbreaking was considered a representation of breaking the earth, to make a sacred deposit that would endorse a firm foundation. Offerings and sacrifices were buried at the same time that the ground was broken to create the foundation of any structure.

Which word goes with groundbreaking?

What is another word for groundbreaking?

Why groundbreaking is important?

Groundbreaking ceremonies have been used for centuries to celebrate the start of a new venture and give thanks to those who made it possible. They have been adapted to fit modern times, but still hold great significance to the construction industry and the community involved.

How long is a groundbreaking ceremony?

30 minutes
These ceremonies are short and sweet (typically no more than 30 minutes) and present a great opportunity to introduce or expand on the project, get a little PR, and create some exciting buzz around the community.

What do you need for a groundbreaking ceremony?

A formal groundbreaking ceremony happens at the active construction site and typically consists of a few speakers (a representative of your company, a local official, etc), actual groundbreaking with shovels, photo opportunities, and networking.

What does groundbreaking mean in reading?

Innovative; new, different; doing something that has never been done before.

Is groundbreaking all one word?

These days, however, groundbreaking is far more prevalent, and both Merriam-Webster and Oxford Dictionaries consider it the correct spelling. This is the same spelling that’s used for the traditional definition of the word meaning “new and revolutionary” as in The scientist’s proposed theory was groundbreaking.