What does LOB meaning?

: to move slowly and heavily. : to move in an arc. : to hit a tennis ball easily in a high arc. lob.

Is LOB a real word?

verb (Informal) throw, launch, toss, hurl, lift, pitch, shy (informal), fling, loft The protestors were chanting and lobbing firebombs.

What is a LOB job?

1. An employee that oversees other employees and operations of a business while reporting to a higher-ranking manager.

Where did the word LOB come from?

Origin of lob

1325–75; in earlier sense, to behave like a lob (Middle English lobbe, lob bumpkin, clumsy person, originally pollack; Old English: spider; basic sense, something pendulous); cognate with Middle Low German, Middle Dutch lobbe dangling part, stockfish, etc.

What does lob off mean?

phrasal verb. If you lop something off, you cut it away from what it was attached to, usually with a quick, strong stroke. Somebody lopped the heads off our tulips.

Is lob in the Scrabble dictionary?

Yes, lob is a valid Scrabble word. More definitions: (n.)

What does lob stand for in Whatsapp?

LOB Texting Abbreviation. 3. LOB. Lying On Bed. Internet Slang, Media, Internet.

What does lob mean in football?

A chip, also known as a lob, is a shot in which the ball is kicked from underneath with accuracy but with less than maximum force, to launch it high into the air in order either to pass it over the heads of opponents or to score a goal over the goalkeeper.

What is lob medical?

In science & medicine, the medical abbreviation LOB stands for loss of balance. LOB: loss of balance.

What is a Tomnoddy?

Definition of tomnoddy

1 chiefly Scottish : atlantic puffin. 2 : fool, dunce, noddy.

How do you LOB a football?

What does LOB mean in Facebook?

Lying On Bed. Internet Slang, Texting, Media.

What is LOB in basketball?

From BasketballWiki. A Lob Pass is a pass that is thrown in an arc over the top of a defender to get to another offensive player. It’s most often used to get the ball to a post player who is being fronted.

How do you lob pass a ball?

How to do a lob pass in soccer
  1. Pause briefly to spot where your teammate is. Then dig your toes under the soccer ball.
  2. Scoop up the ball up into the air towards your teammate and over the heads of the defenders. …
  3. Lastly, the shooter will position themselves for the best opportunity to shoot.

What is a long pass in football called?

Making a long pass or also known as a driven pass is imperative in modern football for teams to cover as much ground in the shortest time possible. It is different from the short pass as it is designed for the receiving player to have wider room for attack or more room for defence – playing into space.

How do you do the lob pass?

How do you lob in a soccer battle?

For a Lob Pass, rather than pressing B and launching the ball straight to an ally, players will need to use the Y button. Simply press Y while angling the joystick towards a teammate to lob the ball. There are three types of Lob Passes in Mario Strikers: Battle League.