What does manacles mean mean?

1 : a shackle for the hand or wrist : handcuff —usually used in plural. 2 : something used as a restraint.

What does manacles mean in history?

The Manacles (Cornish: Meyn Eglos, meaning church stones) (grid reference SW820205) are a set of treacherous rocks off The Lizard peninsula in Cornwall.

What are manacles used for?

Manacles are metal devices attached to a prisoner’s wrists or legs in order to prevent him or her from moving or escaping. If a prisoner is manacled, their wrists or legs are put in manacles in order to prevent them from moving or escaping. His hands were manacled behind his back. He was manacled by the police.

What is a sentence for manacle?

They had manacled her legs together. His arm was manacled to a ring on the wall.

What are manacles in Harry Potter?

Manacles are metal bands joined by a chain, used for fastening a person’s hands or ankles.

Are handcuffs manacles?

manacle Add to list Share. If a police officer has to manacle your hands behind your back, you’re in big trouble. That’s just a fancy way of saying that you’ve been handcuffed.

What does manacles mean in the poem London?

A manacle is a way of chaining a person up – the metal cuffs that are attached to people’s legs or arms (or necks) in slavery are manacles. Basically, it’s anything that restricts you, that inhibits you from moving, that keeps you restrained. But these manacles are “mind-forged”.

Is Manicle a word?

No, manicle is not in the scrabble dictionary.

What does bridling someone mean?

: to show hostility or resentment (as to an affront to one’s pride or dignity) especially by drawing back the head and chin military commanders who had bridled against … interference — Time.

What does it mean to shackle someone?

: to deprive of freedom especially of action by means of restrictions or handicaps : impede. shackler. ˈsha-k(ə-)lər. noun.

What is the meaning of appalls?

overcome with consternation, shock, or dismay
transitive verb. : to overcome with consternation, shock, or dismay We were appalled by his behavior. intransitive verb.

What do you mean by handcuffs?

Definition of handcuff

(Entry 1 of 2) : a metal fastening that can be locked around a wrist and is usually connected by a chain or bar with another such fastening —usually used in plural. handcuff. verb. handcuffed; handcuffing; handcuffs.

Is chartered an adjective?

chartered adjective (JOB)

(of people who do particular jobs) having successfully finished the necessary training and exams: He’s a chartered surveyor/accountant.

What does running pell mell mean?

in confused haste
Definition of pell-mell

1 : in mingled confusion or disorder papers strewn pell-mell on the desk. 2 : in confused haste ran pell-mell for the door.

What blight means?

a : a disease or injury of plants marked by the formation of lesions, withering, and death of parts (such as leaves and tubers) potato blight. b : an organism (such as an insect or a fungus) that causes blight.