What does ragged mean definition?

roughly unkempt
1 : roughly unkempt. 2 : having an irregular edge or outline. 3a : torn or worn to tatters. b : worn-out from stress and strain ran herself ragged. 4 : wearing tattered clothes.

What is the best synonym for ragged?

  • frayed,
  • raggedy,
  • ratty,
  • seedy,
  • shabby,
  • tattered,
  • threadbare,
  • worn-out.

What is an example of a ragged?

The definition of ragged is something that is torn, worn out, jagged, disorderly or not even. An example of something ragged is an old wash cloth used to clean the car. An example of something ragged is a tired kindergarten teacher; run ragged. An example of something ragged is the sharp edges of a broken rock.

What is the meaning of ragged in Oxford dictionary?

​(of clothes) old and torn synonym shabby.

What is the opposite of ragged?

Opposite of worn, torn, or ragged, as if into rags. fashionable. smart. well-dressed. complete.

What is the adverb of ragged?

adverb. /ˈræɡɪdli/ /ˈræɡɪdli/ ​in old or torn clothes synonym shabbily.

How do you use ragged in a sentence?

The five survivors eventually reached safety, ragged, half-starved and exhausted. She could hear his ragged breathing, as if he had been running. O’Brien formed the men into a ragged line.

Where does the word ragged come from?

Etymology 1

From Middle English ragged, from North Germanic. Compare with Old Norse rǫgvaðr (“tufted”) and Norwegian ragget (“shaggy”).

What does run yourself ragged mean?

To exhaust oneself or someone else through hard work or effort. I’ve been running myself ragged trying to clean and organize the house before your mom comes to visit.

What is the meaning of ragged girl?

(of a person) untidy, dirty, and wearing old, torn clothes: Two ragged children stood outside the station, begging for money. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases. Rough, irregular and uneven.

Does ragged mean tired?

If you run someone ragged, you make them very tired, usually by giving them too much work or work that is too demanding: The kids have run me ragged this week – I’m glad they’re going back to school tomorrow.

What is the meaning of ragged and GREY?

ragged and grey means teared clothes and grey hair.

How would you describe ragged clothing?

torn or worn to rags; tattered: ragged clothing. shaggy, as an animal, its coat, etc. having loose or hanging shreds or fragmentary bits: a ragged wound.

What does ragged breath mean?

: harsh and not regular : not smooth or even. The patient’s breathing is ragged. a ragged cough/breath.

What is ragged edge mean?

Definition of on the ragged edge

: very close to failure We are running on the ragged edge financially.

Is Ragged a noun verb or adjective?

ragged adjective (messy)

(of clothes) torn and not in good condition: The children were wearing dirty, ragged clothes.

What word type is ragged?

ragged adjective (untidy)

How do you say ragged?