What is meant by rearing meaning?

1 : to erect by building : construct. 2 : to raise upright. 3a(1) : to breed and raise (an animal) for use or market. (2) : to bring to maturity or self-sufficiency usually through nurturing care reared five children birds rearing their young. b : to cause (plants) to grow.

What does rearing mean in science?

Rearing: The process of keeping, feeding, breeding, and medical care of useful animals is called the rearing of animals. These animals produce one or more useful products for human beings. Shearing: The process of removing the fleece of the sheep along with a thin layer of skin is called shearing.

What does rearing mean in biology?

Solution 4: (i) Rearing – The process of keeping, feeding, breeding and medical care of useful animals is known as rearing. These animals produce one or more products useful for human beings.

What is the meaning of rearing in agriculture?

The process of raising, feeding, breeding, and taking care of domestic animals is called animal rearing. It is also called animal husbandry. The animals which produce useful products for humans are reared. Animals are reared for their meat, fiber, milk, egg, and other products.

What is rearing Class 7 answer?

(i) Rearing: Bringing up, raising and taking care of animals is known as rearing. (ii) Shearing: The fleece of the sheep along with a thin layer of skin is removed from its body. This process is called shearing.

What is meant by rearing of sheep?

The practice of raising and breeding domestic sheep is known as Sheep rearing. Sheep are raised principally for their meat (lamb and mutton), milk (sheep’s milk), and fibre (wool).

What is another name for rearing?

In this page you can discover 39 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for rearing, like: breeding, nurture, raising, parenting, bringing-up, nurturing, nursing, fosterage, upbringing, lifting and rising.

What do you mean by rearing of silkworm?

Sericulture: Rearing Of Silkworm To Produce Silk. The rearing of silkworms to produce raw silk is called sericulture. In this process, silkworms are reared at appropriate temperatures and humidity to get silk threads from cocoons.

What does it mean to rear a child?

Childrearing is the raising or parenting of a child or children. The verb rear means to take care of, support, and raise until maturity. To rear children is to raise them. The word rearing can be used as a noun, as in the rearing of livestock.

How is rearing of silkworm done?

The rearing of silkworm for obtaining silk is called Sericulture. The moths are reared and their cocoons are gathered to get silk threads. A female silk moth lays hundreds of eggs which are then stored carefully on strips of cloth or paper.

What is meant by rearing and sericulture?

Solution : (i) Rearing: Rearing means helping someone to grow up. < br> (ii) Shearing: It is the process of removal of fleece along with a thin layer of skin from the body of sheep. ( ii) Sericulture: Sericulture refers to the rearing of silkworms to obtain silk.

What is shearing class 7?

Shearing: The removal of the fleece of the sheep along with a thin layer of skin from its body is called shearing.

What is reeling Class 7?

The process of taking out threads from the cocoons for use as silk is called reeling the silk. It is done in special machines, which unwind the thread or fibres of silk from the cocoon.

What is sorting Class 7?

Sorting is the process of ordering or arranging a given collection of elements in some particular order. We can sort a collection of numbers in ascending (increasing) or descending (decreasing) order.

What is throwing of silk Class 7?

Silk throwing is the industrial process wherein silk that has been reeled into skeins, is cleaned, receives a twist and is wound onto bobbins. The yarn is now twisted together with threads, in a process known as doubling.

What is meant by scouring Class 7?

The process of washing of sheared skin with hair in tanks to remove any kind of dust, dirt or grease is called scouring.

Why do we need to sort data?

Data sorting is any process that involves arranging the data into some meaningful order to make it easier to understand, analyze or visualize. When working with research data, sorting is a common method used for visualizing data in a form that makes it easier to comprehend the story the data is telling.

How can you sort data in access?

In the window, double-click the field that you want to use to sort. The field appears in the design grid. In the design grid, in the Sort row, specify whether you want to sort the field in ascending order (smallest values first; A-to-Z) or in descending order (largest values first; Z-to-A).