What does Unification meaning?

: the act, process, or result of bringing or coming together into or as if into a single unit or group unification of a divided nation.

What is an example of unification?

Unification describes the bringing together of two or more things so they become a single unit. If your marriage turns your feuding families into one big happy group, you pulled off a unification that would make Romeo and Juliet jealous.

What is meant by national unification?

Unification is the rarest type of nation-state formation and involves bringing together a number of states into a single national state. 2 The best-known European cases are Germany and Italy.

What is the synonym of unification?

coalition. nounallied group, association. affiliation. alliance. amalgam.

Why is unification important?

The goal of unification is to make two expression look like identical by using substitution. Unification can be used for type inference, order sorting, narrowing, e-unification, etc. for simple logics we use first-order unification and to unify typed lambda terms we use higher-order unification.

What is the use of unification?

Unification is used in automated reasoning technology, which remains one of the major application areas of unification. Unification is used in implementations such as: Programming language-type system implementation. Logic programming.

What is unification in history?

Unification is the process by which two or more countries join together and become one country. The political unification of Spain began in 1469 with the marriage of Ferdinand and Isabella. Synonyms: union, uniting, alliance, combination More Synonyms of unification.

What is the unification process?

Unification is a process of making two different logical atomic expressions identical by finding a substitution. Unification depends on the substitution process. It takes two literals as input and makes them identical using substitution.

What is a sentence for Unify?

Examples from Collins dictionaries

He said he would seek to unify the party and win the next general election. The plan has been for the rival armies to unify, and then to hold elections. Both sides say they want to re-unify their country, which has been divided since the end of the Second World War.

What does a unification fight mean?

Sport: Boxing. Describes a fight between two fighters who hold different belts under the jurisdiction of two different governing bodies. report this ad report this ad.

What is unification Class 11?

Unification: It is the process of unifying the various distinct laws of physics into a single theory that explains or validates all the different phenomena. In other words, we can say that the diverse phenomena of nature are expressed in few terms of laws and concepts.

What is unification what is its basis?

Answer: The unification of forces is the idea that it’s possible to view all of nature’s forces as manifestations of one single, all-encompassing force.

What is the opposite of unification?

Opposite of the process or result of being united or made into a whole through amalgamation. breakup. disconnection. dissolution. disunion.

What is unification give an example for class 11th?

Unification : Attempt to explain various phenomenons through few laws. Eg:free fall of apples,motion of satellites around planets Explained by universal law of gravitation and second law of thermodynamics Reductionism: To study a large system, to study properties of constituent particles.It helps in future advancement.

What is mean by unification and reductionism?

Solution : Unification: Attempting to explain ediverse physical phenomena with a new concepts and laws is unification. <br> Reductionism: An attempt to explain a macroscopic system in terms of its microscopic constituents id reductionisms. Loading Books. Answer.

What is classical physics 11th?

Classical physics refers to physical ideas that actually predate newer, more comprehensive, or much more broadly applicable theories. Energy, as well as matter, have been regarded as independent concepts throughout classical physics.

What is scope of physics class 11?

The scope of physics deals with the magnitude of physical quantities like energy, mass etc. The scope of physics is best understood under the three disciplines Microscopic, Mesoscopic and Macroscopic phenomena. Microscopic Phenomena. This phenomenon takes place at the molecular or atomic level.

What is reductionism in physics class 11?

Reductionism is breaking down of a complex system in to simple constituent systems to so that laws of physics can be applied on these systems and we can understand the working of the complex system.