What format is a CD cover?

What are the standard CD cover sizes? CD covers are almost always a 4.75” square.

How do you make a simple CD cover?

How big should a CD cover be?

4.724 inches square
CD Cover Size Specifications for Printing

The finished dimensions for the outside of printed CD covers are 4.724 inches square. Many printed designs include bleed.

What is the proper size to print a CD cover?

For example, if your printer requires a quarter-inch margin, add a half-inch to the width and height and size your CD cover to be 5.25 by 5.25 inches.

How do I print a CD cover in Word?

Open Word and choose “New” from the “File” menu. Select the “Template” option and click on “Labels.” In the “Media” category, browse the CD cover templates available. Select the one that best suits the kind of cover you want to make.

What are the dimensions for a CD cover in Photoshop?

around 4.75 inches by 4.75 inches
CD booklets and covers tend to be around 4.75 inches by 4.75 inches. As such, you will want to create a new document in Photoshop with those dimensions. For the sake of this tutorial, we will want to keep the resolution to 72dpi.

What size is a CD cover in pixels?

For physical CD covers: 4.72in x 4.72 inches (perfect square). Make sure your album covers contain: Dimensions/pixels that are at least 1600 x 1600 – 3000 x 3000 pixels (streaming platforms like Amuse lets you push up all the way to 6000 x 6000 pixels)

How do I make a CD cover in Photoshop?

Do album covers have to be square?

Cover Art Requirements for Albums & Singles

Size in Inches: 3000 x 3000 pixels at 300 dpi (which is 10 x 10 inches) is recommended. Resolution: at least 72 dpi, but 300 dpi is required for Amazon on Demand physical CD covers. Format: JPG, PNG, or GIF. Aspect Ratio: Must be a perfect square.

How do you make cover art for music?

How do you make an album cover?

Here Is What You Should Consider Creating An Album Cover
  1. Know Your Audience. First, as a music artist, you must be clear about who precisely is your audience. …
  2. Get Inspiration. …
  3. Choose A Color Scheme. …
  4. Use Fonts Carefully. …
  5. Pick The Right Imagery And Style. …
  6. Include The Vital Details. …
  7. Consider Different Sizes.

Should cover art be PNG or JPEG?

Cover Art File Requirements: File format must be a . jpg, .

Do album covers need text?

A: Yes. The text on your cover art needs to exactly match the info you entered for your release (artist name, title of the album or single, etc.).

Are album covers copyrighted?

Book covers, album covers, and movie covers are copyrightable. However, fair use, a provision of U.S. copyright law, gives users the right to use copyrighted material without permission under certain circumstances. If a use is fair, the user need not notify or seek permission from the copyright holder.

How do you put a picture on a CD cover?

Can I use brands in my album cover?

You can’t Copyrighted images without permission. You can’t put famous logos or brand names. You can’t put TAD Watermark or “Made with Album Art” on the artwork. You can’t put Barcodes or images of existing physical products like LPs or CDs.

How do I print something on a CD?

Select your printer from the printer list. Select CD/DVD or CD/DVD Premium Surface as the Media Type setting. Make sure None is selected as Print Check Pattern setting and click Print. After printing on a CD/DVD, carefully remove the CD/DVD from the CD/DVD tray, and then press the CD Tray button to close the tray.

Can you print a CD in a normal printer?

You need to print from the computer to print on 8 cm DVD/CDs. Obtain a 12 cm or 8 cm DVD/CD with a label surface compatible with inkjet printing. A “printable disc” differs from regular DVD/CDs in that its label surface has been specially processed to be printed on by an inkjet printer.

Can you put stickers on CDs?

Use only round labels, specified as CD/DVD, with your discs — this will ensure that your disc is correctly balanced in the drive and the adhesive used on such labels is not harmful to the disc’s data layer. Once applied, labels should never be removed or repositioned, as this may delaminate the disc.