What is an example of mocking?

to laugh at someone, often by copying them in a funny but unkind way: They were mocking him because he kept falling off his bike. She made fun of him by mocking his limp. Thesaurus: synonyms, antonyms, and examples. to tease someone.

What is considered a mockery?

Mockery or mocking is the act of insulting or making light of a person or other thing, sometimes merely by taunting, but often by making a caricature, purporting to engage in imitation in a way that highlights unflattering characteristics.

What is mockery behavior?

[noncount] : behavior or speech that makes fun of someone or something in a hurtful way : mocking behavior or speech.

What does it mean mocking someone?

[+ object] 1. : to laugh at or make fun of (someone or something) especially by copying an action or a way of behaving or speaking. The boys mocked him for showing fear. They mocked his cries for help.

How do you know someone is mocking you?

If someone mocks you, they show or pretend that they think you are foolish or inferior, for example by saying something funny about you, or by imitating your behavior. I thought you were mocking me.

What is to make a mockery of someone?

Mockery is making fun of or mocking someone or something. The act of mockery often involves copying someone’s behavior or speech, making it look absurd, like a parody. For example, comedians often get laughs with mockery, by pretending to be famous politicians and exaggerating the way they talk or gesture.

What’s the difference between mocking and mimicking?

Imitation may be the most sincere form of flattery, but to mock is to make fun of or mimic someone with contempt, ridicule or derision. “Louise’s favorite pastime was to mock her brother’s inability to sing on key.”

Is mocking an attitude?

When you talk to or about someone in a mocking tone, you’re making fun of them in a nasty, mean way. But if you’re a comedy writer or political satirist, a mocking attitude is a tool of your trade.

What is mockery in the Bible?

Mockers (also called “scoffers” in Scripture) defy and renounce truth and good things, not only to their own detriment and destruction, but that of others. They are provokers of others to wrong, strife, and evil.

How do you deal with mockery?

Tell them to stop.

Sometimes taking a firm stand and addressing those making fun of you head on works. Calmly and assertively explain to those mocking you that you do not appreciate their comments. Although this tactic is more direct, it is unlikely those making fun of you expect this response.

What are mocking words?

  • scornful,
  • insulting,
  • withering,
  • sneering,
  • contemptuous,
  • disdainful,
  • sniffy (informal),
  • insolent,

How do you mock someone?

You can do a lot to make fun of someone without saying anything at all.

Mock someone with a good impression.
  1. a distinctive mannerism or gesture.
  2. a common phrase the person uses.
  3. a way of walking.
  4. the person’s accent or other verbal tic.

What is the opposite of mocking someone?

respectful. Adjective. ▲ Opposite of contemptuously ridiculing or mocking someone or something. agreeable.

What kind of word is mocked?

Verb The boys mocked him for showing fear.

What is a mocking smile?

A mocking expression or mocking behaviour indicates that you think someone or something is stupid or inferior. She gave a mocking smile.

Is mock a negative word?

“Mock” is among many words that can be negative or positive, depending on how they are used. They are not quite “Janus words,” which have almost opposite meanings (think “sanction,” which can mean to endorse something or to impose a punishment on something).

Why does mock mean?

Definition of mock

to attack or treat with ridicule, contempt, or derision. to ridicule by mimicry of action or speech; mimic derisively. to mimic, imitate, or counterfeit.

How do you use mockery in a sentence?

A complete mockery was made of the procedures. I put it down with no intention of moving it as a mockery. Our control is really being limited in every possible direction, and not only is it being limited, but it is being made a mockery. I felt, indeed, that it was a mockery of democratic discussion.

What is mock talk?

Mock language is a way of using a language not spoken by or native to a speaker. When talking, the speaker includes words or phrases from other languages that they think fit into the conversation.

Is mockery a real word?

Meaning of mockery in English. the act of mocking someone or something: Bill’s mockery of his dad was cruel, but it made us laugh.

Why do people ridicule?

‘ People typically use sarcasm and ridicule because they cannot use reason to reject a view. But it is useful to note that their successful use of sarcasm and ridicule usually depends upon their having an audience whose members already agree with them and are unable or unwilling to use reason as well.