What is an example of a Rogerian argument?

Focus on the positive aspects of your opponent’s stance. For example, if your opponent is against the teaching of evolution in schools, acknowledge and honor their commitment to the education of their children. Avoid controversial side topics.

What are some good topics for an argument?

Argumentative Essay Topics (General)

Do you think that abortion should be made illegal? Do you think that animal testing should be banned? Is the #metoo movement a great thing? Do you think that manufacturers are responsible for the effects of the chemicals used in creating their products?

What do you write in a Rogerian essay?

The main aim of a Rogerian essay is to appease a tense situation where people with conflicting opinions seem not to understand each other. It intends to recognize and ascertain the disagreement between the two sides of a problem or a matter and find common ground.

What is the main theme of a Rogerian argument?

The Rogerian argument (or Rogerian rhetoric) is a form of argumentative reasoning that aims to establish a middle ground between parties with opposing viewpoints or goals.

What is a good topic for an argumentative essay 2022?

10 Great Argumentative Essay Topics 2022

Pros and cons in the issue of distance learning and work. Global changes during a pandemic. How art and culture changed the format of sales, exhibitions, and events. Political relationships against the backdrop of a pandemic.

What is a Rogerian argument simple?

Rogerian argument is a negotiating strategy in which common goals are identified and opposing views are described as objectively as possible in an effort to establish common ground and reach an agreement.

How do you write a thesis statement for a Rogerian argument?

The thesis should not be an attack on the opposition. It should present the writer’s viewpoint without dismissing or demeaning the viewpoints of others. For example, in a thesis that advocated the death penalty, you would not want to refer to those on the other side of the issue as “bleeding-heart liberals.”

How do you start an argumentative essay topic?

Suggestions for Developing Argumentative Essays
  1. Select an arguable topic, preferably one which interests, puzzles, or appeals to you. …
  2. Take a position on your topic, and form a thesis statement. …
  3. Consider your audience. …
  4. Present clear and convincing evidence. …
  5. Draft your essay. …
  6. Edit your draft.

What is a good narrative topic?

A funny story that happened to you. A story from your childhood. Your first trip abroad. An episode from your school life.