What is role strain as a student?

Key Takeaways: Role Strain

Role strain describes the stress that result from the differing demands and expectations associated with a social role. Role conflict refers to the psychological effect of the situation when role expectations pressure a person to take on different behaviors.

What is an example of role strain?

Role strain occurs when obligations of fulfilling the duties of a role become challenging. For example, a teacher who struggles with the need to discipline students while also empathizing. This could be role strain because it puts so much pressure on this particular role in one’s life.

What are some examples of role strain and role conflict?

For example, role strain might occur if a sleep-deprived new parent experiences stress while navigating the challenges of having a baby. Role conflict might occur if a working parent has to choose between attending a PTA meeting and an important work meeting because both events are scheduled at the same time.

What is an example of role conflict?

When the expectations of two or more roles are incompatible, role conflict exists. For example, a supervisor at a factory may feel strain due to his or her role as friend and mentor to the subordinate employees, while having to exhibit a stern and professional watchful eye over the employees.

Which is the best example of role conflict?

The most obvious example of role conflict is work/family conflict, or the conflict one feels when pulled between familial and professional obligations. Take, for example, a mother who is also a doctor.

What are examples of roles?

The definition of a role is a part or character someone performs or the function or position of a person. An example of a role is the character of the nurse in Romeo and Juliet. An example of a role is doing accounting for a business. (linguistics) The function of a word or construction, as in a sentence.

What is personal role conflict?

role conflict occurs when a worker is required to perform a role that goes against their personal values or when their job demands are incompatible.

What is the difference between role strain and role conflict?

So role strain is tension between the roles of one single status, like student, and role conflict involves the conflict between roles of two or more statuses.

Is role strain and role conflict the same?

The main difference between role strain and role conflict is that the role strain is where a person faces conflict within one role, and role conflict involves a number of roles, where each role collides against one another.

What is the example of role performance?

Example of Role Performance

A student is expected to come to class on time and be prepared for each lesson, but the student fails to attend regularly and is poorly prepared for each lesson.

What is called role strain in sociology?

role strain (social role strain)

(noun) A situation caused by higher-than-expected demands placed on an individual performing a specific role that leads to difficulty or stress.

What is role strain in nursing?

Definition of Role Strain. Mosby’s online medical dictionary defines role strain as “the stress or strain experienced by an individual when incompatible behavior, expectations, or obligations are associated with a single social role” (“role strain”, n.d.).

What are some examples of social roles?


A social role is a pattern of behavior that is expected of a person in a given setting or group (Hare, 2003). Each one of us has several social roles. You may be, at the same time, a student, a parent, an aspiring teacher, a son or daughter, a spouse, and a lifeguard.

How a person expresses his or her role?

Role performance is how a person expresses his or her role. Sociologist Erving Goffman presented the idea that a person is like an actor on a stage. Calling his theory dramaturgy, Goffman believed that we use impression management to present ourselves to others as we hope to be perceived.