Which is the best example of subsequent boundary?

A subsequent boundary is established after the area in question has been settled and that reflects the cultural characteristics of the bounded area. Example: The boundary between China and Vietnam is based on cultural differences.

What are examples of consequent boundaries?

A consequent boundary is a boundary that has been created to separate two different or feuding cultural groups. An example is the border between Northern Ireland and Ireland, which was drawn as a consequence of disagreements between the majority Protestant north and the majority Catholic south on the island of Ireland.

What are subsequent borders?

SUBSEQUENT. boundaries that are created after human settlement and interaction with the landscape, i.e. war or cultural differences between groups.

What is a subsequent boundary in human geography?

What are the 3 types of boundaries define each quizlet?

A convergent boundary is the boundary between two colliding plates. A divergent boundary is the boundary between two plates that are pulling away from each other. A transform boundary is the boundary between two plates that are sliding past each other. A landform formed by this boundary are mountain ranges.

Is the Great Wall of China a relic boundary?

Explanation: The Great Wall of China is an example of a relic boundary, or a nonfunctional boundary that still exists.

Is a consequent boundary physical or cultural?

Consequent boundaries occur where boundary lines coincide with cultural boundaries. Take Utah for example. The concentration of Mormons in Utah creates a cultural boundary when it comes to religious buildings and norms.

What are the 4 types of boundaries in AP human geography?

Terms in this set (5)
  • Geometric Boundary. Political boundaries that are defined and delimited by straight lines.
  • Antecedent Boundary. …
  • Subsequent Boundary. …
  • Super Imposed Boundary. …
  • Physical Boundary.

What is an example of a cultural boundary?

A cultural boundary definition is something that signifies a difference in culture, religion, ethnicity, language, or social interaction. A cultural boundary example could be one that defines Amish country, whose people are distinguished by their religion, language, technology, and fashion.

What do boundaries look like in a relationship?

Boundaries can be described as how emotionally close you let people get to you. They are also where you draw the line within a relationship. They say how much you are willing to give or take before requiring that things change or deciding to call it quits.

What are my personal boundaries?

Personal boundaries are the limits and rules we set for ourselves within relationships. A person with healthy boundaries can say “no” to others when they want to, but they are also comfortable opening themselves up to intimacy and close relationships.

What are the 5 types of boundaries?

5 Types Of Boundaries For Your Relationship
  • Physical Boundaries. Physical boundaries refer to your body, privacy, and personal space. …
  • Emotional Boundaries. In order to establish emotional boundaries, you need to be in touch with your feelings. …
  • Sexual Boundaries. …
  • Intellectual Boundaries. …
  • Financial Boundaries.