Does liberty have a baby in Degrassi?

In the show’s fifth season, Liberty becomes pregnant after the two become sexually active, with Liberty ultimately deciding to put the baby up for adoption. He then begins to date Mia by the sixth season, but has second thoughts about Liberty.

Who is Liberty’s baby daddy?

2. Liberty is the second girlfriend of J.T.’s to be pregnant. However, she is the only one to be pregnant with his child. J.T.’s first girlfriend, Manny Santos, was briefly pregnant with Craig’s child, whereas his third girlfriend, Mia Jones, was also pregnant, but Lucas was the father.

Who got pregnant on Degrassi?

Mia is the youngest mother in Degrassi history, getting pregnant at 13 and having her baby at 13. Spike is the second youngest, getting pregnant with Emma at 13, and having her at 14. Mia is the first character to have a child before their appearance on the show. The second is Mike Dallas.

What episode does liberty give birth Degrassi?

“Degrassi: The Next Generation” Total Eclipse of the Heart (TV Episode 2006) – IMDb.

Does Mia and JT date?

J.T. and Mia began dating in the episode Eyes Without a Face (1), and their relationship started off pleasant, even though it initially seemed as if Mia might be a rebound after his break-up with long-term girlfriend, Liberty Van Zandt.

Who is Mia’s baby daddy in Degrassi?

Lucas Valieri
Lucas Valieri was a former student at Lakehurst Secondary School and Degrassi Community School, where he was commonly known as a delinquent, bully, and failure. He became the father of Isabella Jones at age 14 after getting Mia Jones pregnant, and became a somewhat deadbeat dad after harming his relationship with Mia.

Who gets Liberty pregnant?

J.T. Yorke
Liberty has always been extremely intelligent and strives to be the best at everything she does despite her dyscalculia. At the age of fifteen, she got pregnant by J.T. Yorke, the person she had been in love with since Grade 7.

Is Emma pregnant in Degrassi?

In season 5, she was diagnosed with Anorexia nervosa. Emma broke the Nelson women’s multi-generational cycle of unplanned teen-age motherhood and beautician careers, Emma graduates from high school having never been pregnant (despite a momentary scare in season 6) and is bound for university.

Do JT and Liberty date?

While serving detention, J.T. praises Liberty for her bravery and she smiles in return. Finally realizing that the romantic feeling was mutual, J.T. and Liberty share their first kiss and begin a relationship. In Secret (1) and (2), J.T. and Liberty’s Dracula play is in effect as new principal Ms.

Does Manny have the baby on Degrassi?

Emma, overhearing the argument, steps in and defends Manny, stating that while she disapproves of Manny’s decision, it is Manny’s body and ultimately her choice. Manny tearfully confesses her pregnancy to her mother. Her mother is supportive of the decision and drives her to an abortion clinic.

Who does Manny end up with in Degrassi?

Manny Santos
Nickname(s)Dimples Manny
OccupationStudent, Degrassi Community School (seasons 1-7), Smithdale University (seasons 8-9); Actress (season 9 on)
FamilyMr. and Mrs. Santos Unnamed Brother
Spouse(s)Jason “Jay” Hogart (engaged)

What did Craig do to Manny?

Craig had unprotected sex with Manny a few episodes earlier, in the garage where his band practices. He had a girlfriend at the time, a vindictive mall goth named Ashley. In the show’s first season, Ashley, an eighth grader, takes ecstasy at a house party.

Does Alli Bhandari get pregnant?

Shortly after, Alli receives a call from the clinic. The next day at school, when Alli is at the lab, Dave comes to her stating that he received her text. When Alli informs him that she’s not pregnant after all, Dave is happy and relieved.

Who gets an abortion in Degrassi?

Manny deals with her pregnancy, and makes the choice to have an abortion, even though it is against Craig’s wishes. Liberty’s crush on J.T. is still going strong after three years, but when he tells her he’s not interested, she forms a rebound crush on Sean.

Does Claire keep her baby Degrassi?

Clare had turned down her acceptance to Columbia while she was pregnant with Eli’s baby, but later in the season the baby died during the pregnancy. Eli stood by Clare during the devastating loss and the duo seemed to be reunited.

Was Johnny a virgin on Degrassi?

Overview. In grade 9, Alli had a huge crush on a grade 12 rebel, Johnny for the majority of season 8, and the two eventually began a romantic relationship. Although Alli thought Johnny lost his virginity to her, this was a lie he told to make her feel better about losing her virginity to him.

Is Claire’s baby Drew or Eli?

In Something’s Got to Give it is revealed that Eli is the father of Clare’s baby and not Drew as previously thought. Eli caught Clare making out with Drew in Sparks Will Fly (2).

Is Holly J pregnant?

After the run, Holly J feels like crap. Chantay asks her if she’s okay to which Holly J says she’s not. But, she got her period so she’s not pregnant.

What grade is Alli in Degrassi?

Allia “Alli” Bhandari is Sav’s younger sister and is in grade 10 at Degrassi Community School.

What happens to Leo in Degrassi?

Leo Lauzon is the ex-husband of Alli Bhandari. He was arrested for brutal violence and domestic abuse against Alli in Better Man. He formerly worked at The Dot and attended Toronto University. He is friends with Andre.

Does Jane sleep with Declan?

Jane eventually breaks it off with Declan, feeling bad about cheating. In Degrassi Takes Manhattan, Spinner over-hears Jane talking to Holly J. about her affair with Declan. She confesses that the two had sex and her relationship with Spinner is ended.

Was Johnny DiMarco a virgin?

Johnny tries to make make Alli feel better by buying her a necklace but Alli turns him down and tells him they shouldn’t hang out anymore. But later Alli confronts him and tells him that she isn’t having sex for a long time. Johnny respects her decision and admits to being a virgin too. They become an item again.