Why is it called a Weed Eater?

A string trimmer has been part of the landscaper’s arsenal since George Ballas of Houston, Texas, invented the tool. Ballas called his invention the “weed eater”, for its ability to chew up grass and weeds.

Is a trimmer and a Weed Eater the same thing?

String trimmers are a device used for trimming grass and other foliage. String trimmers are commonly referred to by the brand name of Weed Eater, which was the original string trimmer product. The Weed Eater was created in 1972 to make grass trimming safer and more convenient for people.

What is weed eating called?

If this sounds very familiar to you, that’s probably because weed eaters are also known as string trimmers. So, what’s the difference between a weed whacker and a weed eater? The only real answer is where you live. Some regions refer to a string trimmer as a weed whacker and others call it a weed eater.

What do weed whackers do?

A weed whacker, also known as a weed eater or trimmer, uses a spinning wire to cut overgrown grass and brush in a small area. This may sound a bit intense, but actually, once you know how to take the right safety precautions and use the correct technique, it’s easy to use a weed whacker.