When did Freddie Mercury first show symptoms of AIDS?

It was November 24th, 1991. Mercury knew to be HIV-positive since 1987, later on he started to show the first symptoms of AIDS syndrome.

Did Freddie Mercury get AIDS from a blood transfusion?

He had likely contracted it after receiving a blood transfusion while undergoing surgery, but had kept the diagnosis private until USA Today asked him to respond to rumors that he had the disease.

Did Freddie Mercury of Queen have AIDS?

When and how did Freddie Mercury die? According to his partner Jim Hutton, Freddie Mercury was diagnosed with AIDS in late April 1987. After the conclusion of his work with Queen in June 1991, he retired to his home in Kensington. His former partner, Mary Austin, made regular visits to his home to look after him.

How long after Live Aid did Freddie?

The Live Aid concert happened on July 13th, 1985, but his last live performance was a year later at Knebworth Park on August 9th, 1986. Freddy Mercury didn’t die until November 24th, 1991.

What was Freddie Mercurys last words?

Freddie’s long-time assistant Peter Freestone shares the last words Freddie ever said to him were: “Thank you.”