How is Schuyler pronounced?

How do you pronounce Schuyler in Dutch?

Schuyler (/ˈskaɪlər/; Dutch pronunciation: [sxœylər]) is a given name that, together with many variants, including Schuller, is derived from the Dutch surname Schuyler, which in its turn is an adaptation of the German name Schüler.

How do you pronounce Schuyler Falls?

Located in Saratoga County. Named after the famous Schuyler family, which included Pieter Schuyler, the first mayor of Albany and American Revolutionary War General Philip Schuyler. Say it “SKY-ler-ville.”

What is the origin of the name Schuyler?

The name Schuyler is primarily a gender-neutral name of Dutch origin that means Scholar. Pronounced “SKY-ler.” Schuyler Fisk, actress.

What kind of name is Schuyler?

Schuyler is a gender neutral name of Dutch origin. With a definition like “scholar”, the academic prowess dripping from this name might be enough to convince a person to choose it.

Is Schuyler a female name?

The name Schuyler is a girl’s name of Dutch origin meaning “scholar”. Schuyler, the original Dutch spelling, has been obscured by such phonetic upstarts as Skylar and (for boys) Skyler.

What does schyler mean?

Schyler as a girl’s name (also used as a boy’s name) is of English and Dutch origin, and the meaning of Schyler is “scholar”. Schyler is related to the name Skyler.

Who are the three daughters in Hamilton?

Hamilton: An American Musical prominently features the three eldest Schuyler daughters: Angelica Schuyler Church, Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton, and Margaret (Peggy) Schuyler Van Rensselaer.

How do you spell Eliza Schuyler?

Elizabeth “Eliza” Hamilton (née Schuyler) is a protagonist in the musical Hamilton. She is the wife of Alexander Hamilton as well as the mother of Philip Hamilton and seven other children.

Who were the real Schuyler sisters?

The real Angelica, Eliza, and Peggy Schuyler were born to a wealthy family in Albany, and all had relationships with Alexander Hamilton.

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