Is Sharon Stone in a relationship?

Sharon Stone, 63, has been ‘dating’ rapper RMR, 25, for ‘several months’ as the two party at LA hotpots with Chris Brown and flirt on social media. Sharon Stone seems to have a new love interest. The 63-year-old Basic Instinct star has reportedly been dating 25-year-old rapper RMR for the past several months.

Who is Sharon Stone married to today?

Stone is not married and said she’s “done” with dating. The 62-year-old actress said she is focusing on spending more time with her friends and family.

What disease does Sharon Stone have?

Stone suffered her near-fatal stroke in 2001 and took a two-year break from Hollywood to heal. She later revealed that it took her seven years to fully recover.

Is Sharon Stone still dating RMR?

“Hey, Sharon, is it true you’re dating RMR, the rapper?” the cameraman asked. Stone immediately burst out laughing and simply replied, “Nope.” The actress’ 21-year-old son, Roan, was equally amused, telling the paparazzo: “You couldn’t have asked a funnier question.”

Is Sharon Stone single?

London (CNN) Sharon Stone has revealed that she’s “done” with dating, and is instead focusing on spending more time with her friends and family. Speaking on “The Drew Barrymore Show,” the twice-divorced 62-year-old actress said she is finding dates “insincere” and not worth her time. “I’m done dating.

How old is Sharon Stone when she had a stroke?

The 63-year-old actor looked back on the moment she called her mother from the hospital in September 2001 — when she was also experiencing a cerebral hemorrhage that lasted nine days — in a recent conversation with Willie Geist on Sunday TODAY.

Does Sharon Stone have kids?

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