How do you do staccato in Finale?

To define a custom playback effect for staccato marks
  1. Choose the Articulation tool and select the staccato mark: If the staccato mark is already in your score, double-click its handle. …
  2. Under Playback Effect, choose Change Duration from the drop-down menu. …
  3. Press ENTER to exit the dialog box(es).

How do you mark staccato?

Staccato music is notated with a staccato mark: tiny dots above noteheads. These staccato dots tell players to cut each note short so as to emphasize its individual nature. Staccato is similar, but definitely not identical, to other playing techniques that emphasize the individuality of notes.

How do you add accent marks in Finale?

Using the Articulation tool to add staccatos, accents, tenutos, and other note-attached markings.

To apply articulations to several notes at once:
  1. Drag-select beats 3 and 4 in measure 3, top staff.
  2. Click Select.
  3. Double-click the tenuto marking (slot 7).
  4. Click OK.

What does a staccato mark look like?

Staccato: A staccato note is marked with a simple dot above or below the note head. It indicates that the player should cut the note short to provide a brief silence before the subsequent note.

How short does a staccato make a note?

By default, in the music notation program Sibelius, “staccatos shorten a note by 50%.”

How do you copy and paste articulations in Finale?

From the Edit menu, choose Edit Filter. The Edit Filter dialog box appears. Select Articulations; then click OK (or press ENTER). You’ve just told Finale to copy and paste only articulation markings, and to leave all other musical elements alone.

What is staccato an example of?

The definition of staccato is where each sound is short and distinct from the other sounds. An example of sound that would be described as staccato is the sound of a machine gun. Staccato is music or speech where each sound is short and disconnected from the other sounds.

How do you play Legacos and staccato at the same time?

What does a staccato under a slur mean?

On a string instrument, the staccato mark under a slur means detach the notes on a single stroke of the bow whether upstroke or downstroke.