What does CellPay do?

Easy, fast & convenient, Cell Pay is a unique platform for wireless dealers to streamline refills and product sales online and offline. Cell Pay Online – A website that enables dealers to sell refills and additional wireless products/accessories online with an interface similar to eBay/Amazon.

What is CellPay net?

We make calling easy, safe, and secure based on the budget that works for you. Our method has optimized national and international calling that connects through the recipient’s service provider using their local phone, saving money with a prepaid bill, and ensuring quality connection.

How do I load money on CellPay?

CellPay makes it very simple to do a bank-to-bank fund transfer. Step 1: Select the fund transfer service in the mobile/web app. Step 2: Provide the mobile number of the recipient. Step 4: Provide your PIN to authorize the transaction.

How do I pay my Metro PCS phone bill over the phone?

  1. Dial *99 to pay through our automated system.
  2. Dial 888-8metro8 for Customer Service.
  3. Use the MyMetro app for debit/credit card payments.

What is Cell pay in Nepal?

Cellpay is Nepal’s first mobile payment system with no wallet and operates from website and application. It prioritizes real time transaction to provide convenient and innovative system for day-to-day transaction to the general public. It is secured, simple and easy to use and needs internet access to get its service.