What is a Hawaiian Moku?

moku — Pukui-Elbert, Haw to Eng , 1. vs., To be cut, severed, amputated, broken in two, as a rope; broken loose, as a stream after heavy rains, or as a bound person; to punctuate. Examples: Moku ka pawa, dawn has broken.

What is Moku in kanji?

eye, class, look, insight, experience, care, favor.

How many Moku are in Hawaii?

six moku
Hawaiʻi Island

Hawaiʻi has six moku (districts) and over 600 ahupuaʻa (see map 2124 to right).

What are the 6 Moku of Oahu?

On the island of O’ahu, there are six districts; Honolulu or Kona, Ko’olau Loa, Ko’olau Poko, Wahiawa, Wai’anae, and ‘Ewa.

How do you write tree in Japanese kanji?

#kanji – Jisho.org.

How do you write Hon in kanji?

Kanji Card – – hon.

What Moku is Kaneohe?

Moku Manu, or Bird Island in the Hawaiian language, is an offshore islet of Oahu, three-quarters of a mile off Mokapu Peninsula. Moku Manu and an adjacent small islet are connected by an underwater dike.

Moku Manu.
Highest elevation202 ft (61.6 m)
United States

How many Moku are in Maui?

The island of Maui consists of thirteen traditional mokus, four of which comprise East Maui: Ko’olau, Hana, Kipahulu and Kaupo. Each moku contains multiple ‘ahupua’a.

Who was Kamehameha favorite wife?

Kaahumanu, (born c. 1772, Maui, Hawaii [U.S.]—died June 5, 1832, Manoa Valley, Honolulu, Hawaii), favourite queen of Kamehameha I and acting regent of Hawaii in 1823–32. Kaahumanu was of distinguished parentage, her mother having been married to the late king of Maui.

What are the Moku of Maui?

The Moku ʻO Wailuku Ahupuaʻa Sign project is a cultural grants program funded by the County of Maui Office of Economic Development. It aims to bring awareness of Maui Nui’s ancient land division system. On the island of Maui, there are a total of 12 traditional land divisions or moku.

What are the Moku of West Maui?

The three moku (districts) of West Maui are Lāhaina, Kāʻanapali, and Wailuku.

When were Moku created?

In the late-1400s, through warfare and alliances with other chiefs, ʻUmi gained control of the entire Island of Hawaiʻi. ʻUmi made himself the aliʻi nui, or high chief, for the whole island. ʻUmi divided his island into separate moku, or districts.

How many Moku are in Kauai?

Today, convention lists five Moku regions of Kauai: Na Pali, Halelea, Koolau, Puna, and Kona. However, this was not always so. Maps from as far back as 1820 tell a different tale with as many as six Moku.
TOTAL555 sq miles65,200 people
Jun 13, 2007

Who owned the Ahupua A?

Each ahupua`a was ruled by an ali`i or local chief and administered by a konohiki.

What Moku is Waimea in?

Waiʻauia is a very small, landlocked traditional land division or ʻili kūpono of Waimea, sometimes considered an ahupuaʻa of Kohala.

What is Moku Kauai?

Moku’ae’ae Island is a speck of land just offshore near the Kilauea Lighthouse in North Kauai.

What is the Ahupua a system?

Ahupua’a refers to the traditional land dividing system in Hawai’i. The land was vertically divided along the rivers to give individual. ahupua’a, and each system contained the montane region, the valley, and the sea.

What are the Ahupua A on Molokai?

Ahupua’a O Molokai is a 501 c-3, non-profit organization that is made up of Board members representing seven (7) Hawaiian Homestead Associations. Our mission is to empower our communities and to protect the Hawaiian Homeland Trust for all generations.

What is Moku lab?

Moku:Lab is a reconfigurable hardware platform that combines the digital signal processing power of an FPGA with versatile analog inputs and outputs. This simplifies your workflow by giving you access to 12 high-performance instruments that enable you to measure what you need when you need.

How many Moku are in Oahu?

6 Moku districts
So we, the AVA Konohiki, follow in their footsteps with the 6 Moku districts listed, beginning with Koʻolaupoko and going in a clockwise direction back to Kualoa, the starting point. These are: Koʻolaupoko, Kona, ʻEwa, Waiʻanae, Waialua, and Koʻolauloa.

How many Ahupua A on Kauai?

54 ahupua
Upon completion of installation, all 54 ahupua’a on the island will be recognized.

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