Can USPS packages be wrapped in brown paper?

Don’t Wrap Boxes in Brown Paper

Both the USPS and UPS may refuse your package if it is covered in paper. The shipping industry is automated now. Conveyer belts, sorting machines, and other machinery can rip the paper off the package.

Can you ship packages wrapped?

Don’t wrap the outer box in any kind of paper; it could tear off and your gift could be lost or delayed. (U.S. Postal Service, UPS, DHL and some FedEx boxes are free.)

What is acceptable packaging for USPS?

Use clear or brown packaging tape, reinforced packing tape, or paper tape. Do not use cord, string, twine, masking, or cellophane tape. Place a strip of clear packaging tape over your label to prevent the address from smearing.

Can you wrap a box in plastic and ship it?

What items materials are you prohibited from shipping through USPS?

You can’t send these items in the U.S. mail:
  • Air Bags.
  • Ammunition.
  • Explosives.
  • Gasoline.
  • Marijuana (medical or otherwise); hemp/CBD is allowed, but restricted.

Can you wrap something in paper and mail it?

Paper wrapping is not recommended; it can catch and tear off in mail processing equipment. Parcels (including fragile items) should be prepared to withstand normal mail processing and transportation.

Can I use an Amazon bag to ship USPS?

Can I reuse an Amazon Prime bubble envelope and ship it using USPS? – Quora. Yes, absolutely. As another person responded, just make sure the old address label is covered.

Can I put tape over a USPS shipping label?

Do not tape over the “Postal Use” area on the Express Mail label, the barcodes, or the stamps. You may use self-adhesive labels, which you can purchase online at The Postal Store (

How do I wrap a box USPS?

Use a sturdy box with enough room to add cushioning for fragile items and to prevent items from shifting. Tape your box so that it closes flat on all sides and reinforce the flaps with 2-inch wide packing tape. If you’re reusing a box, make sure all old logos, shipping labels, and addresses are covered or blacked out.

How do I wrap a parcel for delivery?

Sealing your parcel
  1. Use strong tape 4-5cm wide, such as nylon or vinyl tape.
  2. Flatten any sharp edge from staples or metal fastenings, and cover with tape.
  3. Seal securely along all edges and openings.

Can I decorate a shipping box?

Using decorative paper to wrap your package may be the quickest and easiest way to decorate it before mailing. Any gift wrap will do, but choose sturdy, thick wrap if you want it to survive the trip without easily tearing.

Can you ship USPS in a plastic bag?

Plastic bags must be at least 2 mil thick polyethylene or equivalent for easy loads up to 5 pounds; 4 mil thick for easy loads up to 10 pounds.

Can I send a parcel in a black bag?

Black bin-liners and thin polythene, standard shopping bags should not be used, even as a covering for a box as they can rip easily and the label may get torn off as a result. Before you secure the lid on the box with heavy duty tape, place a sheet of paper with your address on top of your item(s).

What can you wrap a parcel in?

Paper and newspaper – the most environmentally friendly option, scrunched-up newspaper, is an easy way to fill the space. Cardboard – layers of cardboard can create a sturdy shell. Sheets – old but clean sheets can be used to wrap items tightly.

Can I send a parcel without packaging?

You must package your item properly – unpackaged items can be damaged in transit and damage other items around them. If your parcel is not in a box when your driver arrives to collect, they can refuse to take it.

Can I wrap a package in plastic bag?


Any non-paper envelope (such as a poly mailer) that is shipped as a “letter” would be considered non-machinable and subject to additional charges. Flats or large envelopes: Paper envelopes, plastic bags/poly mailers, paper wrap, corrugated boxes, or cloth can be used for these mailings.

Can you wrap a parcel in a plastic bag?

Place inside a strong container such as strong polythene bag and seal securely with tape. Place inside a second container and seal again. The double-wrapped item should be placed in a rigid corrugated box to prevent leakage or tainting of other items.

Can you post clothes in a carrier bag?

If you decide to use your own plastic or polythene bags, make sure the bag is strong and don’t overfill. An overfilled bag could burst or break and leave the clothes exposed to the elements. For larger or heavier clothing bundles, you can pack them up into a box for posting.

Does USPS accept poly mailers?

USPS does allow you to ship items using poly mailers as of 2022. Poly mailers are an alternative to standard packaging that are lightweight and sturdy plastic bags, perfect for shipping items like clothes.

Can you ship things in a garbage bag?

USPS technically won’t restrict you from using a trash bag, but here’s what it comes down to: whatever kind of bag you use, you need to make sure it doesn’t “form fit” to the box. By “form fit,” we mean don’t tape the bag too tightly around the box.

Does USPS have free poly mailers?

Does USPS have free poly mailers? Poly mailers are a great way to ship products like sweaters and clothing that don’t need bubble wrap and can bear top-loading. In general, the USPS does not offer poly mailers, although you can get padded flat rate envelopes that are plastic on the outside with Priority Mail.

What can I do with poly mailers?

Poly mailers can be recycled at flexible plastic recycling drop-off locations, just like bubble wrap and grocery bags. Before placing them in the bin, remove all labels by cutting them out of the poly mailer and disposing them in the regular trash.