How do I nudge audio in iMovie?

Use the slider to the right above the timeline to expand your time line all the way out. Then select the audio clip and, while holding down the Option key, tap the < key to nudge the audio clip one frame to the left.

How do you move audio in iMovie on Iphone?

Move an audio clip

You can move an entire audio clip, except the background music, to a different place in your project. With your project open, touch and hold the blue or purple audio clip in the timeline until it pops off the timeline. Drag the clip to a new location in the timeline, and release.

How do I drag and move in iMovie?

Can I stretch audio in iMovie?

You can easily lengthen or shorten an audio clip in iMovie. Just select the clip in the Timeline and drag one of the edges. You’ll see the duration of the clip change as you drag and when you finish, you’ll see the new duration display in the upper left corner of the clip.

How do I fix the audio drifting in iMovie?

How do I arrange media in iMovie?

How do I rearrange my iMovie media?

Arrange clips

You can change the sequence of clips in the timeline to change when a particular clip appears in your movie. With your project open, touch and hold the video clip or photo in the timeline until it rises off the timeline, then drag the clip to a different location in the timeline.

Why can’t I drag clips in iMovie?

Try opening iMovie while holding down the Option and Command keys and selecting to delete preferences in the box that appears. iMovie will open in a new library. Reopen your old library to get back to your projects. Now see if you can drag clips into the timeline.

How do you make sub clips in iMovie?

How do you move a group of pictures in iMovie?

Select multiple clips

Select a group of clips: Hold down the Command key as you click each clip you want to select, or drag a selection rectangle around the clips.

How do I organize my video library?

How to organize videos in your library
  1. 1) Organize videos with folders, tags, and keywords. …
  2. 2) Regularly update and archive your content. …
  3. 3) Back up your videos in a secure central place. …
  4. 4) Use video descriptions. …
  5. 5)Use video file management software as video clip organizer to help with managing video files.