Is Solo Stove a good buy?

All in all, we loved the Solo Stove Bonfire. It’s best if you’re looking for a traditional campfire ambiance in your backyard with no fire-building effort and hardly any smoke. The fire is powerful, efficient, and the whole thing is portable when you need it to be.

Where is solo stoves located?

Fort Worth, TX
While the Solo Stove company is based in Fort Worth, TX.

Can you put a Solo Stove on a deck?

Solo Stoves are safe to use on both wood or Trex decking, provided you also use the Solo Stove stand or a heat resistant fire pit barrier underneath. Although Solo Stoves emit less heat than other types of fire pits, they could still damage your deck over prolonged periods of use.

Does Walmart sell solo stoves?

Solo Stove Camping Stoves & Burners –

Can I use charcoal in my Solo Stove?

Grill Packs

We made it easy to enjoy the perfect cooking fire in your Solo Stove Grill. Our All Natural charcoal briquettes are made with vegetable starch, no fillers or chemicals, for a clean burn. Each Grill Pack fuels one complete grilling session (around 45 minutes).

Can Solo Stove get rained on?

If you read the intro you already know the answer is yes – you can leave your Solo Stove out in the rain.

Can Solo Stove burn wood pellets?

Can I use wood pellets in a Solo Stove fire pit? We do not suggest using wood pellets in a Solo Stove fire pit because they can fall through the bottom grate and get stuck inside. If the wood pellets get wet or come in contact with moisture, they can swell and cause damage to the unit.

What’s the price of a Solo Stove?

At around $500, it’s not cheap. You can build a fire ring for a lot less, but the price of the Solo Stove is comparable to competitive smokeless offerings like Breeo.

Is Solo Stove all stainless steel?

MOST UNIQUE FIRE PIT: Solo Stove Bonfire pushes the limits of both combustion airflow efficiency and minimalist outdoor design with its all stainless steel construction. … With ample airflow, the stand accessory allows you to use your fire pit on more heat sensitive surfaces.

Can I use Duraflame logs in Solo Stove?

Can you use duraflame in Solo stove? The Duraflame site states that, “…they only burn with flames and do not generate adequate coals for cooking. I would not use a Duraflame-type log in a Solo stove. The Solo stoves are all double-walled to perform the gasifier function – burn quick and hot.

Will my Solo Stove rust?

Answer: Yes , it does rust. Mine rusted within 6 weeks in the summer. Here is the response from Solo Stove.

Can you put a Solo Stove on grass?

Depending on the hardness of the wood and the duration of the burn, Solo Stove Fire Pits could potentially scorch your grass. Stands should be used with the fire pit at all times when burning on green grass. When taking your fire pit on the beach, you are normally safe to use the fire pit without the stand.

Can you use Enviro logs in a Solo Stove?

You can burn compressed logs like Duraflame in your Solo, they are great for getting started but can be much smokier than traditional firewood. The same good moment can be sparked from old traditions or a new practice–just take care to use dry and dense materials for a truly smokeless flame.

How do you put out a fire in a Solo Stove?

Is the Solo Stove shield worth it?

Solo Stove has done it again…a perfect accessory for the perfect fire pit. My wife and I have been waiting for this product for so long and it surely doesn’t disappoint! The Shield really helps to reduce sparks and embers from escaping the fire pit, keeping the patio furniture in great shape!

Does Solo Stove keep you warm?

4. Does the Solo Stove give off substantial heat? We have found that it gives off quite a bit of heat, plenty for a family to keep warm, and I’ve even found myself having to back away from it a little. We have had as many as five people around it at one time, and there was plenty of heat to keep everyone warm.

How close can Solo Stove be to house?

The recommended amount of distance the solo stove should be from your house is six feet. This is an adequate amount of distance to prevent the flames from catching on something and causing a house fire.

Does Solo Stove burn wood faster?

Will it use way more wood since it burns so hot? No! It would seem like it would burn more wood but the Solo Stove Bonfire actually just burns much more of the wood than a traditional wood-burning fire pit. You won’t be left with a bunch of half-burnt logs once the fire goes out.

Does Solo Stove prevent sparks?

The durable Solo Stove Shield prevents sparks from leaving your Bonfire fire pit. Unmistakably a Solo Stove product, the clean, minimal, two-piece spark Shield provides an extra degree of safety and peace of mind, helping prevent embers from escaping your fire pit.

Can you cook on solo stove shield?

Can you grill on a Solo Stove bonfire?

Yes, you can cook on a Solo Stove, but with some consequences. Many users have set cooking racks across the top of their fire pits to grill food over the intense heat. However, keep in mind that this will result in a bigger mess than just ashes at the end of the night.

Can you pour water on Solo Stove?

Before anyone with a metal fire pit, like a Solo Stove, Breeo, or other store-bought one interrupts, you don’t need to pour the water on the fire. Instead, the best way to put out a fire pit is using a large metal bucket or tub, like the ones seen below, drop the remaining coals into the metal bucket.