Is Merona still in business?

Actually, yes. The retailer has already begun retiring recognizable fan faves Mossimo and Merona from its aisles, according to the Wall Street Journal. Both brands have been part of the Target fashion world for years. But they are slowly going bye-bye to make room for more new brands and a fashion upgrade.

Is Goodfellow the same as Merona?

It was to many people’s great surprise and joy, then, when Target announced just a few months ago that they would be getting rid of Merona and Mossimo and replacing them both with a brand new line of menswear focused on style and fit called Goodfellow & Co.

Who owns Merona?

It was acquired by Oxford Industries in the 1980s and then sold to Target in 1991. Merona puts a modern twist on classic styles and is one of Target’s most popular collections.

Is Merona a Target brand?

Target is shedding Merona and Mossimo and adding new brands instead. Women’s apparel brand A New Day is set to hit shelves at Target on Aug. 27.

When did Target stop Merona?

Target will discontinue its biggest brands including Mossimo, Merona, Cherokee, and Circo by 2019. The store will have 12 new brands. Four of the new brands will include A New Day for women’s clothing, Goodfellow & Co for men’s clothing, athleisure line JoyLab, and home line Project 62.

Do Target Goodfellow T shirts shrink?

Description. Elevate your cool-weather closet with this Long Sleeve Garment Dyed Pocket T-Shirt from Goodfellow & Co™. The standard fit long sleeve tee is made from 100% cotton to keep you nice and comfortable, while the shrink-resistant construction stands up to regular wear and washing.

Who makes Merona clothing?

Merona is a private label owned by department store brand Target. The American-owned brand retails its stylish and affordable apparel for both men and women at over 1800 stores across the United States.

Is Project 62 a Target brand?

Everything You Need to Know about Target’s New Home Brand, Project 62. Back in July, Target announced that they’re introducing a new home line this fall called Project 62. This week, the retailer released the look book for the new brand, and we are seriously swooning over its mid-century vibes.

Does Target have any subsidiaries?

As of 2018, Target has four subsidiaries: Target Brands, Inc., Target Capital Corporation, Target Enterprise, Inc., and Target General Merchandise, Inc.

What brand is Circo?

Products. Target’s brand Circo is designed with kids in mind, in comfortable styles with lots of color and great graphic designs. The brand covers clothing items for kids from head to toe, literally, from socks and shoes to sunglasses and hats.

Who designs Target Project 62?

Leanne Ford
From traditional designs to eclectic pieces, mid-century modern styles, and farmhouse-chic décor, these brands have something for everyone. The latest Target announcement to catch our attention involves Project 62 and interior designer Leanne Ford (who you might recognize from HGTV’s Restored by the Fords).

Who makes Project 62 candles?

Target’s December birthstone candle. Photo: Target.

Who makes Opalhouse?

Target Just Announced Its New Home Brand, Opalhouse, and You’re Going to Want Everything. Get ready for bold colors, optimistic prints and tons of texture. We’re here with a sneak peek of Target’s newest and just-announced Home brand: Say hello to Opalhouse!

Is Project 62 stoneware oven safe?

Is Stoneware Oven Safe? Yes, stoneware is oven safe. Additionally, it’s microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe.

What style is Project 62?

mid-century modern movement
Introduced in September 2017, Project 62 is an approachable modern home assortment designed for everyday life. The brand name Project 62 reflects the year Target was founded (1962), as well as the peak of the mid-century modern movement. Shop Project 62.

Is Opalhouse discontinued?

Thanks for reaching out to us about our Opalhouse collection. Currently, there is no further information about the collection being discontinued and should not be worried about it. We appreciate you as a valued Target guest and look forward to seeing you.

Is Opalhouse a Target owned brand?

Target has expanded its relationship with Justina Blakeney, the founder of Jungalow, introducing an exclusive line under Target’s store brand Opalhouse.

What kind of style is Opalhouse?

Both Jungalow and Opalhouse are known for their ardently maximalist aesthetics with bohemian influences. So when the two brands worked together on a collection of decor and furniture for the bedroom, bathroom, and living room, the result was a line featuring bright colors, bold patterns, and natural textures.