How do you spell the name Daisy?

The name Daisy is therefore ultimately derived from this source. Daisy is also a nickname for Margaret, used because Marguerite, the French version of that name, is also a French name for the oxeye daisy.

Daisy (given name)
Pronunciation/ˈdeɪzi/ DAY-zee
Word/nameOld English
Meaning“day’s eye”

What name is Daisy short for?

Daisy Origin and Meaning

Daisy is now second only to Delilah among most popular girl names starting with D. Originally a nickname for Margaret (the French Marguerite is the word for the flower), Daisy comes from the phrase “day’s eye,” because it opens its petals at daybreak.

Is Daisy a good name for a girl?

It’s cute on a little girl, yes, but it’s also a sweet and sophisticated name that she can grow up with very well.

How do you spell the plural of Daisy?

The plural form of daisy is daisies.

What is a good middle name for Daisy?

My favorite middle names for Daisy are Daisy Adele and Daisy Camille. I like how these older, classic names flow so beautifully together with the name Daisy.

Is daisy a white name?

Daisy is most common among White (71.54%) and Black/African American (14.31%) individuals.

Is daisy a rare name?

In 2020 there were 1,877 baby girls named Daisy. 1 out of every 933 baby girls born in 2020 are named Daisy.

What does daisy mean in the Bible?

The daisy was long associated with the Virgin Mary in the Christian tradition. This is because of its meanings of innocence, chastity, and humility.

How popular is daisy for a name?

According to Social Security Administration data, Daisy has been all over the charts, but has remained in the top 200 since 2000. It’s enjoyed a spot in the top 150 between 2000 and 2006, as well as in 2020. However, it is the 5th most popular name on

Is daisy a Scottish name?

The surname Daisy was first found in Angus (Gaelic: Aonghas), part of the Tayside region of northeastern Scotland, and present day Council Area of Angus, formerly known as Forfar or Forfarshire, where they were descended from the Gaelic MacDhai, son of David.

What is another name for daisy?

What is another word for daisy?

What does it mean if someone calls you a daisy?

It was the context of the word usage of the time. Another widely used phrase of the time was… “he’s pushing up daisies”, meant a person was dead. I believe Doc Holliday was meaning if you shoot at me you’ll became a daisy…or you’ll be pushing up daisies. In other words he meant, you will be the one to die!

Is daisy a boy or girl name?

Daisy – Boy’s name meaning, origin, and popularity | BabyCenter.

What is the most Girliest name?

Along with Isabella and Valentina, other girly girl names in the US Top 1000 include Anastasia, Arabella, Evangeline, Francesca, Juliette, Liliana, Savannah, and Scarlett. Girly baby girl names that remain under-the-radar in America include Georgiana, Mirabelle, Raphaela, and Seraphina.

What is a badass girl name?

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DianaHeavenly and divineLatin
DolaThe crown brings honorAfrican